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  • There is curative power in faith.
  • It is often thought that medicine is the curative process.
  • Similar curative agencies might be mentioned by hundreds.
  • Authorities in Support of Water as a Curative Agent.
  • These are the only exceptions to the curative power of this drug.
  • There is a curative power in human life just as there is in nature.
  • All people know something of the use of steam as a curative agent.
  • He was one of her show sons, a witness to her curative powers.
  • Its curative action soon became manifest in two different ways.
  • Hand in hand, these great curative powers seek a proper subject.
  • As curative agencies, rings have also played a curious part.
  • When old, they yield oil for lighting, and a curative balsam.
  • All dew does not appear, however, to have possessed these curative qualities.

How To Use Curative In A Sentence?

  • Are there any conditions which suggest suspicion of or direct opposition to such curative work?
  • But the work of water and its curative effects can be easily seen and understood.
  • The herbs and barks they used were employed solely for their own intrinsically curative qualities.
  • All this shows that earth has many valuable properties as a purifying and curative agent.
  • I at present possess, and endowed it solemnly with miraculous curative properties.
  • Call and read letters from all parts of the country, attesting their wonderful curative powers.
  • They explained its curative properties, and its reputation traveled up the Atlantic seaboard.
  • But the curative value of the combination is more likely due to the albumen and opium than to the resin.
  • Belief in the curative power of legislation was being supplanted by a growing faith in the sufficiency of natural law.
  • Nothing will be curative in asthma unless the patient has confidence in his power and uses his own will energy to help it.
  • The curative water was drawn from the confluence of two streams and was sprinkled with much ceremony.
  • Whithersoever the centrifugal nerves lead there the mind-brain system may have its curative influence.
  • Every curative effort presupposes that the normal state of health has been lost and that a diseased state has set in.
  • Electricity and magnetism met this fate, and mesmerism was at first thought to be a curative agent for all diseases.
  • Any absurd superstition can become accredited because its curative value may be equal to a truly valuable suggestion.
  • Medical chemistry, which succeeded it, was concerned chiefly with the curative properties of various chemical preparations.
  • There were several charms for many of the ailments to which man is subject, which were thought to possess equal curative virtues.
  • He believed further that he was able to infuse this magnetic power into any lifeless thing, which would then have curative influence on the nerves.
  • So numerous are these wells that to name them and dwell at any length on the curative powers claimed for their waters would fill a large volume.
  • It has been shewn that water as a curative agent, has been known from the remotest period; but its means of application were insufficient.
  • Hoping much from the well-known curative effects of fine feathers, he managed to treat the affair with dignified silence.
  • Some writers have pointed out that in many diseases marriage exerts a decidedly curative influence, especially in chronic nervous ailments.
  • We will now proceed to describe the curative properties of earth, which are, in some cases, even more remarkable than those of water.
  • No doubt this belief in the curative effect of the disciples and their successors fills the first centuries after Christ.
  • Waybroad has certainly wonderfully curative powers, especially for bee-stings, but otherwise it has long since fallen from its high estate.
  • No theory of the world and of God ought to gain authority over the mind from such an external motive as a belief in its curative effects.

Definition of Curative

(grammar) of a verb, conveying the meaning "the agent makes a patient do something" | A substance that acts as a cure.
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