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  • At length the Curators obtained their desire.
  • On Nov. 25, ten Curators being present, this recommendation was considered.
  • Important to Curators of public Libraries and Book Collectors.

How To Use Curators In A Sentence?

  • Nevertheless, by less careful curators both these statements are frequently omitted from labels.
  • What is wanted in Curators is common sense, business capacity, and a special knowledge of books.
  • Are the Curators quite sure that they have any legal power to compel a return under such circumstances?
  • It passed resolutions binding upon its members; it furnished guardians for minor children, and curators for the insane and for spendthrifts.
  • The time was when American curators held it sacrilege to paint the soft parts of birds, and the hairless portions of certain mammals.
  • For this amendment three Curators voted, one abstained, and the rest voted against it: finally the original motion was carried.
  • If the Bodleian Curators are to do exactly as they like, the University might just as well spare itself the trouble of legislation.
  • The Curators reported, at the end of the annual list, that considerable progress had been made towards the formation of a new general Catalogue.
  • On the other hand it may be said, that since the statute does not plainly and expressly give the Curators the power to lend, they have no power to do so at all.

Definition of Curators

plural of curator
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