Curbed In A Sentence

How To Use Curbed In A Sentence?

  • But he had no intentions of being beaten at his game, and so curbed his ire for the time.
  • Gregory curbed his surprise with an effort which left him staring at the girl in awkward silence.
  • Stover was tempted to let his imagination run, but the thought of the afternoon curbed it.
  • But noting and respecting her anxiety for her brother, he curbed his natural amusement.
  • He could never have told how he curbed his impatience throughout that age-long night.
  • Pete realized that the ground just traveled was anything but level, and curbed his impatience.
  • Just then the dial called for a switch, and duty temporarily curbed his interest and curiosity.
  • Powers and principalities have not yet curbed my tongue and Atlanta still lives.
  • But then the tongue is a onruly member and has to be curbed in, and I guess he means well.
  • I told Santonio so much, as he stood next me, and curbed me with his arm from going forwards.
  • Beneath an olive tree they halt, and soon Two Pagans take their curbed steeds in charge.
  • With a sigh long, deep, lung filling, Wayne Shandon curbed his horse to a standstill.
  • A man with any sensibility will find himself constantly curbed by his regard for the feelings of others.
  • The wanton mutilation of the dogwoods in natural woodlands belonging to cities can be curbed only by policing the tracts.
  • Si curbed himself down, and laboriously exemplified the manner of counting until the boys had no excuse for not understanding it.
  • Once or twice he had been hustled in the street, but had curbed his peppery nature by a sublime effort.
  • Water and hot oil will not mix, and the fires of genius cannot be curbed or subdued by material surroundings.
  • She was so gay and na├»ve about it that he curbed his amazement, and, to some extent, his embarrassment.
  • But the sea was still covering the beach, and it was some time before the waves were curbed in, and ceased to dash into the rock-pool.
  • The personal pride of the owner, curbed in its turn by the pride of tradition and family, spoke strangely from these words.
  • I curbed my impatience and was eagerly pursuing the conversation towards a point which might settle this disturbing question, when, presto!
  • But Jack curbed his impatience, and related in detail what he knew concerning the incidents of the tragedy.
  • So, although he inwardly raged at the necessity, he curbed his natural impulse, and slowed up at crossings and country towns.
  • And what pranks they play with one another, and would play, if they were not curbed and checked with the ever watchful eye of the shop foreman!
  • I doubt whether, in his time, any more than at present, ambition curbed its appetite of dominion from the dread of so remote a punishment.
  • Once before Drew had seen explosive anger curbed visibly by a man who knew the folly of losing control over his emotions.
  • And from the same wise, strangely wise impulse he curbed his desire to go again the next Sunday and the next.
  • His ambition became a passion, wild and unruly, but he resolutely curbed it as one controls a spirited horse, and for the same reason.
  • Miss Mapp curbed her indignation at this vulgar squandering of precious liquids, so characteristic of Poppits.
  • But when it was done, she gently put him from her; and he, obedient to her slightest wish, curbed the wild ardour of his mood, and set her free.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Curbed | Curbed Sentence

  • One was curbed with the remains of a cedar canoe.
  • Gregory curbed his anger and started for the door.
  • The Frenchman curbed his anger.
  • But Dick was not to be curbed or reasoned with.
  • But the Prince almost instantly curbed himself.
  • Then Brenton curbed his rising excitement.
  • Collie curbed the colt Yuma, who would have followed.
  • He held Angers safe, curbed by his gibbets.
  • But he curbed the impulse, shamefacedly confessing himself to be ungrateful.
  • Ambition is not curbed in Macy's.

Definition of Curbed

restrained | simple past tense and past participle of curb
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