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How To Use Cure In A Sentence?

  • The invalid can cure himself by teaching his brain the habit of dwelling upon his extreme fatuity.
  • The cure of a complaint of this description appeared to me more than doubtful, even impossible.
  • During the preliminary stages of the cure he should, of course, avoid inflammable situations.
  • Hence the remedy for all blunders, the cure of blindness, the cure of crime, is love.
  • A very early instance of the open-air cure never before recorded took place at Lismore.
  • Yet is a shepheards cure a greater carke Then sweating Plough-men with their busie warke.
  • Where did Mrs. Eddy get the idea that such treatment was ever supposed to cure "insanity"?
  • Oh, the Old Doctor would have brought home a dead man to cure if any one had 'stumped' him.
  • When they come up toward us again, we heard the Doc sayin': 'Of course I could cure him.
  • Is it the same now as it was during the centuries when constant friction had to provide its own cure in the shape of constant war?
  • There is a law here which the world will sometime understand and use in the cure of the diseases that afflict mankind.
  • Her head was no better, and what was the hospital good for if they couldn't cure her?
  • She declares that every kind of mind cure and suggestive treatment except her own is dangerous and harmful.
  • Sage fell a victim to an illness which reduced him to a skeleton, and defied all the efforts of the physicians to cure it.
  • For this reason children who told untruths were often brought to him, so that he might cure them of their fault.
  • This was said in consequence of Elspie shouting to the old woman to let her put something into her ear to cure deafness.
  • It is true that he sucked a good deal more than he scribbled; but it was joy to the Mole to know that the cure had at least begun.
  • Then the skilled Professors of the art of healing came To tend them and to cure them through the night.
  • To doubt in the right place, is often the best cure for doubt; and to dogmatize in the wrong place, is often the most certain road to scepticism.
  • There was nothing for it but retreat to the churchyard, for when Bran got "the gasps" the only cure for them was air and solitude.
  • She would lay her hand on the patient's jaw and say "Believe!" and the cure was prompt.
  • Happily I have been warned, and happily now has my bosom Been of its secret relieved, while yet there is cure for the evil.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cure | Cure Sentence

  • Tell him to cure the child.
  • The practice of concentration will cure that.
  • Assay by art to cure that maladie.
  • She would cure herself today!
  • I expect to cure him of his eye trouble.
  • Shall finde some meanes to cure my maladie.
  • The cure for false theology is motherwit.
  • Sleep is the best cure for waking troubles.
  • The question here is, how to cure this one?
  • I would fain cure your ill opinion of me.
  • Sleep, a cure for trouble, 280.
  • He wondered if it would cure his master and thus took it to him.
  • As no cause can reasonably be assigned for them, so no cure has been found.
  • The good doctors and nurses work day and night to cure the sick people.
  • Had I not already had ocular proof that a cure was being effected?
  • Shall then his memory oppose my bliss, When I can minister the cure myself?
  • One day Dr. Frederick M. Allen discovered his cure for diabetes.
  • He will see all his wife's faults and the hopelessness of trying to cure them.

Definition of Cure

(transitive) To restore to health. | (transitive) To bring (a disease or its bad effects) to an end. | (transitive) To cause to be rid of (a defect).
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