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  • The bare mention of a few more curiosities must suffice.
  • Botany, Curiosities of, 25.
  • Jennings, Henry J. Curiosities of Criticism.
  • We entered the store in search of some native curiosities to carry home.
  • G.L.A. Some Curiosities of Criticism.
  • Any relics or curiosities are produced, and everyone becomes very friendly.
  • De Mesmes was a collector with a love of curiosities of all kinds.
  • Aren't you going to show us any of your curiosities in the house?
  • The Curiosities of the Royal Library at Dresden, First Collection.

How To Use Curiosities In A Sentence?

  • Cross referencing has its curiosities as well as other branches of our subject.
  • He would sell his curiosities and his useless household furnishings to the highest bidder.
  • One nursed indelicate and never-to-be-satisfied curiosities about her emotional divagations.
  • I must tell you, then, that I am an agent for curiosities and precious things of all kinds.
  • We remember his Matfelon, his Sherehog, his Cripplegate and other curiosities of the kind.
  • It is not supposed that the above were the only or the most valuable of the curiosities found in connection with the statue.
  • Early visitors from the country inspected the gallery of curiosities before sitting down to breakfast.
  • He had addressed me at the hotel, and proposed that we should visit the curiosities of the town together.
  • Every available inch of space on the walls is filled and over-filled with curiosities of all descriptions.
  • There is generally in nature something more grand and august, than what we meet with in the curiosities of art.
  • The situation of the rival armies on the night of the twenty-seventh forms one of the curiosities of war.
  • The visitor at the birthplace is given a cheerful little lecture on the various relics and curiosities as they are shown.
  • The extraordinary lenses which were made there in the nineteenth century are famous now, and will remain as curiosities hereafter.
  • They all agreed that the hotel charges were very high, but that you could buy the most delightful curiosities in the native bazaar.
  • The leading doctor here is a shrewd, sensible man, but not versed in the curiosities of medical literature.
  • Museum, a place where curiosities of all kinds are kept, especially objects belonging to ancient times.
  • Its somewhat restricted park, ornamented with a grotto and a cascade, was at this time one of the curiosities of the capital.
  • She seemed at that time unconscious of sex, though she has told me since how full she was of protesting curiosities and restrained emotions.
  • At the beginning of the twentieth century minute specimens of silicon were sold as laboratory curiosities at the price of $100 an ounce.
  • There were great shells on the mantelpiece, a stuffed owl on a sideboard, and lots of other quaint curiosities on some shelves in a recess.
  • This building, one of the curiosities of the town, was at the end of the garden, to which it opened through a glass door.
  • We then invited the chiefs on board, and showed them the boat, the air-gun, and such curiosities as we thought might amuse them.
  • To every sincere seeker nature reveals her secrets, but since men differ in their curiosities she reveals different things to different men.
  • This prolonged childhood of the imagination, which is, in a word, an anomaly, produces curiosities rather than lasting works.
  • Profound points of science, the subtleties of revelation, the curiosities of history, the wonders of nature, were incessantly discussed.
  • His servant Lewis, who was devotedly attached to him, wrote a little biography of him, which is one of the curiosities of literature.
  • Of deliberate design, I abstain from writing of the public buildings and monumental curiosities of Seville.
  • In every article which deals with the curiosities of London, the name of Dickens must figure very largely.
  • While he was thus employed I sauntered about the studio, taking note of the various beauties, grotesquenesses, and curiosities that it contained.
  • After the Princess Golden Bell has welcomed you she will show you all the curiosities and marvels of her dwelling.
  • And the rank sophistries that mark the flood-tide of a campaign discussion either of this or the problem of taxation are surely to be considered among the curiosities of our civilization.

Definition of Curiosities

plural of curiosity
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