Curious In A Sentence

How To Use Curious In A Sentence?

  • There are some curious analogies in these two parties to our own parties before the war.
  • I am forever your debtor for reminding me of that curious passage in my life.
  • It was a curious trait in his vicious character that he really loved his gardening work.
  • For the second time she felt a curious lack of will to fittingly reprove his boldness.
  • A similar curious reversion has taken place in the development of telephone lines.
  • He shook himself free from a curious sense of unreality, and turned towards her.
  • And apropos of him, let us note a curious instance of the tenacity of associated ideas.
  • Perhaps the curious sense of enervation was due only to the heat of midsummer in a Southern city.
  • When Andre looked up, he turned a curious paleness, and seemed almost stoned with surprise.
  • But is there not Some curious impertinent to come Across me now, and murder me with questions?
  • In the writings of the Ettrick Shepherd, many curious anecdotes of Scottish sheep are given.
  • Another curious and interesting example of this reversion to type exists in the simple telephone receiver.
  • It is curious to note how the proverb that misfortunes never come single was illustrated in the case of these people.
  • There is a picture which possesses a singular and mysterious influence; and with which there is connected a very curious story.
  • The sight had given him a curious feeling which he had tried to analyze but had been unable to find a satisfactory name for it.
  • Its subterranean haunts and curious aptitudes for a life below the surface of the ground are peculiarly worthy of study.
  • This work contains much curious evidence from aged country folks in the western parts of the country.
  • There was a curious gravity about his consideration of Gershom in spite of the satirical tone of his responses.
  • I was half asleep again when a curious sensation, as of a bright light playing over my closed eyelids caused me to open them suddenly.
  • The face that Alice turned on her showed a curious mixture of humility over the criticism and satisfaction over the compliment.
  • But most curious sight of all, if one could have looked on from the outside, would have been the collection of dogs which we brought with us.
  • The effect of all the coin that we took to and left in the country must have had a curious economic effect on Tibet.
  • Burke, always ready to encourage his countrymen, and curious in all the ramifications of ingenuity, went frequently to the circus.
  • I was conscious, nevertheless, of a curious sensation of numbness in the arms, which recalled to mind my forgotten experiments in church.
  • By one of those curious chances that befall some people more than others, I had a cold the next class-night.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Curious | Curious Sentence

  • These were curious craft.
  • Liston was a curious man.
  • They are very curious creatures.
  • He looked at her with curious intentness.
  • I was curious to witness his devotions.
  • Lumley gave a curious sort of chuckle.
  • It was curious to watch the faces of those who read.
  • I asked, rather curious about the matter.
  • The captain consented, and a curious scene took place.
  • A curious Account of it, 246 to 250.
  • I'm not curious that way.
  • There was a curious but unmistakable change in his deportment.
  • This biographer gives some curious anecdotes of his school days.
  • The next ten or twelve pages were filled with a curious set of entries.
  • I said, "Well, that is a curious question to ask.

Definition of Curious

Inquisitive; tending to ask questions, investigate, or explore. | Prompted by curiosity. | Unusual; odd; out of the ordinary; bizarre.
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