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  • He obeyed and curled on the floor.
  • Helen had curled herself up in the old rocker.
  • His lip curled slightly.
  • Her lip curled scornfully.
  • His lip curled in scorn at the thought of crime.
  • June repeated, as her lip curled scornfully.
  • The tramp lay curled like a snake behind the mound.
  • Here and there curled dogs that Prince Jan knew.
  • Tegakwita's lip curled almost imperceptibly.
  • Andrew's lips curled in a little sneer.
  • Zula's beautiful red lips curled scornfully.
  • The boy's crimson lip curled scornfully.
  • The young woman's lip curled tremulously.
  • Nesta had curled herself up in a deep window-seat, well out of sight.
  • The bloodroot leaf is curled round the tiny write flower bud to protect it.
  • All winter long in its leaf bud the baby tulip leaf drowses, curled up tight.
  • A smile of amused understanding of her finesse curled Art's lips.

How To Use Curled In A Sentence?

  • By the time his guest arrived he was brushed and curled and stretched on the couch.
  • As she curled up on the broad sofa her three little cousins came into the room.
  • Ida felt she had gained her point, and curled herself up into a listening attitude accordingly.
  • The missile took Scraggs in the back of the head, and he instantly curled up in a heap.
  • Its circular end, a spot of livid brightness, played on Bebita curled on the floor asleep.
  • During the little minute he had been sitting on that limb his tail had curled itself around it as tight as if it had grown there.
  • Both mice were dormant, covered by nesting materials and curled up in the aforementioned hibernating posture.
  • All through the night she slept on my arm, with her hand curled in the hollow of my neck as she had slept as a child.
  • He had a profusion of black glossy hair that curled lightly about his head, and contrasted with the extreme paleness of his countenance.
  • She had read voraciously, curled up in chairs or on rugs, and had waked now and then to his presence and a hot argument.
  • She wore her hair curled over her ears and low on her forehead, which made of her face a small and delicate oval.
  • One could not tell the women from the men, except by their curled heads, and their smaller stature.
  • He could even see the bear's cubs curled up like balls in the hollow trunks of trees.
  • The mustache, which had not been waxed or curled that day, sagged at the corners, the mouth sagging under it.
  • The mice were curled up in the center of masses of dead leaves, and thus, were well insulated against the cold.
  • From promontory to promontory, and back through the solid jungle, the smoke-pillars curled and puffed and talked.
  • His auburn hair curled loosely around his broad white brow, and his hazel eyes were clear and searching.
  • Long, thin lips curled into a smile of delicious regard; his sides shook with the quiet chuckle of understanding.
  • When the kitchen door was opened the next morning, William was discovered innocently curled up in his blanket.
  • Her silky dark hair she wore, as usual, slightly drooped on either temple, but neither curled nor banded.
  • The scornful smile which had curled his lip died out, and though he asked my meaning I knew he already had an inkling of it.
  • A great tower near the gate, that was half wood, half stone, crackled and curled up in yellow and crimson flame.
  • The Kabyle attendant slipped here and there with the coffee cups, and the wreaths of smoke curled lightly upward towards the wooden roof.

Definition of Curled

simple past tense and past participle of curl
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