Curt In A Sentence

Definition of Curt

Brief or terse, especially to the point of being rude. | Short or concise. | (obsolete, rare) To cut, cut short, shorten.

How To Use Curt In A Sentence?

  • Nothing at that moment could have more mightily offended the questioner than this curt answer.
  • The curt engine blasts became in my dreams the panting of enormous beasts that fought.
  • With a curt nod to the men, he strode out through the mouth of the cave and was gone.
  • Ellen could not forbear smiling at the curt reply, though she felt somewhat shocked.
  • A curt note from a married sister of hers ... who first apologised for having read my letter....
  • No word was spoken, except when the curt "Forward" of the officers passed along the ranks.
  • It was a curt inquiry whether Mr. Keith meant to make the charge that he had crossed his line.
  • The answer that came back was as curt as it was conclusive: "My head or yours," it read.
  • The curt order, "Disperse, ye Rebels!" and the volley that followed so closely upon the words.
  • He had no right and no wish to know what the other man chose to conceal beneath that curt and incisive manner.
  • Nothing could have appealed to him more subtly than this man's bluff, curt flattery.
  • Mammals obtained by Dr. Curt von Wedel from the barrier beach of Tamaulipas, Mexico.
  • Nalaczi had been a little too curt in the delivery of his message, although he had done his best to sugar it with respectful epithets.
  • I am referring to the Englischer Garten, which is managed by its proprietor, Herr Curt Roething.
  • All of the curt brusqueness was gone from his tone, the keen, cold, measuring calculation from his eye.
  • The terms used in wills, inventories, and letters seem too vague and curt to give us a correct picture.
  • The latter always gave him sharp, curt replies, whose quiet scorn the young man did not appear to feel.
  • It proved to be a short, curt document, such as no man in his senses would think of making when disposing of five thousand a year.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Curt | Curt Sentence

  • Comyn acknowledged it with a curt nod.
  • This was refused in sharp and curt terms.
  • Was her final decision in that curt scrawl?
  • The method is curt and unsatisfying somehow.
  • Calvalho returned his salute with a curt nod.
  • You get a curt nod from the head of a little college.
  • Only over his shoulder he cast at Glaucon a curt mandate.
  • Introduction by Curt A. Zimansky.
  • And with a curt salutation he pursued his path down to the village.
  • Francis took it, but with the most distant and curt politeness.
  • Every few hundred yards they were halted and subjected to curt inquiry.
  • She accepted with her usual curt nod and a hasty departure for her uniform.
  • Brett rattled on, demanding and receiving occasional curt replies.
  • He gave his orders in breathless little sentences, curt as words of command.
  • Yet, while conciliatory, he could at times be curt and arbitrary enough.
  • Smith stood aside and with a curt military gesture motioned Madden to enter.
  • So curt a rejoinder made Lenny's blood fly to his face.
  • That, by the curt inflection, the autocratic peremptoriness, was Lessard.
  • To Garry's curt "ifs" he turned a deaf ear and sulked.
  • His tone was that of curt dismissal, and Waters, accepting it, left us.
  • The elder Gaspard was away, and young Pierre was curt and surly.
  • He either received no reply or curt rejections in the editors' letter-box.

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