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  • Do not interfere with the proper curvature when tuning.
  • Boarding schools, curvature of the spine common at, 41.
  • Slight inequality of curvature in meridians of right cornea.
  • On the other hand, the curvature of the seas is a no less certain proof.
  • The shortest radius of curvature was two hundred and thirty-eight feet.
  • The law of its formation is simple; the law of its curvature is also simple.
  • A moulding or line of part concave and part convex curvature (see Fig.

How To Use Curvature In A Sentence?

  • Select the pieces of tube for this instrument as free from curvature as possible.
  • It is not at all clear what effect the peculiar curvature of the wings has in modifying flight.
  • The curvature showed there was a wide range in size, from about a pint to 2 gallons or more.
  • Were the curved back members metal, the curvature would be desirable and legitimate.
  • The proportions and curvature of the stalk vary as do the proportions of the terminal ossifications to each other and to the stalk.
  • The hull is neatly finished by cutting in the sheer or curvature of the hull and sandpapering it all over.
  • Again, the curvature of the spinal column is frequently attended by irritation and disease of the spinal cord.
  • Due to the curvature of the earth and communication equipment at that time, radio messages could not be sent directly.
  • I do not believe a perfectly trained hand ever can draw a line without some curvature in it, or some variety of direction.
  • He believed, however, that such a system could not be operated over considerable distances because of the curvature of the earth.
  • Only by baptism can a man attain salvation; only by using lenses of the right curvature can a man view the stars.
  • Embroidering tapestry, as diligently as a woman must who is to earn her living by it, entails consumption or curvature of the spine.
  • Here a thicket concealed him sufficiently, the bushes extending along the base of the rocks, following the curvature of the rivulet.
  • Hence, in full-grown trees of the Stone pine there is often a similar curvature at the base of the trunk to that of the pinaster.
  • Once your blast-off ogee had carried you beyond the curvature of their horizon and brought you over us, our psibeam was effective and theirs were not.
  • After a long while a sunset glow, six hours past on Barathrum, appeared in the west, behind the now appreciable curvature of the planet.
  • The air itself will re-enter very gradually, and slowly enough to enable any dust to be taken up by the drop of water which the air forces up the curvature of the tube.
  • Towards the close of the style the curvature of the upper portion is so slight that it can hardly be distinguished from a straight line, and as the debasement progressed it became really straight.
  • Every stone in this tower is rounded to conform to the curvature of the walls and the graceful taper toward the top makes it one of the finest examples of masonry work in the region.
  • Two hours after we began to move away from the spot where they lay, the frigates had sunk behind the curvature of the earth, and we lost sight of them altogether.
  • We can make out that much from the fragments that remain, and we can measure the curvature when we get them home, although that will be easier if we can collect some more fragments and stick them together.
  • When the desk is higher, it has been said the tendency is to elevate one shoulder, to depress the other, and to produce a permanent curvature of the spinal column.
  • The fault of the previous plan, is the trouble of tying the string to the trigger; since the curvature is usually such as to make it a matter of some painstaking to fix it securely.

Definition of Curvature

The shape of something curved. | (mathematics) The extent to which a subspace is curved within a metric space. | (differential geometry) The extent to which a Riemannian manifold is intrinsically curved.
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