Curve in a sentence

Definition of Curve

(obsolete) Bent without angles; crooked; curved. | (transitive) To bend; to crook. | (transitive) To cause to swerve from a straight course.

Short Example Sentence for Curve

  • 1. It all depends on how big the curve is.
  • 2. Was it her lips with that delicious curve to them?
  • 3. Over the inner curve is a handle.
  • 4. That curve had come too fast.
  • 5. The inside of the curve is a precipice.
  • 6. Its curve swept past him.
  • 7. Rounding the curve half a mile away.
  • 8. Around a curve we waved farewell to our children.
  • 9. Mark this curve with chalk on a table or a board.
  • 10. There was a curve at the foot of the snub slope.
  • 11. Snow fringed the bristling curve of his mustache.
  • 12. There he came to another curve in the tunnel.
  • 13. The curve of her body was even graceful.
  • 14. Tommy rounded the curve in the road and stared at her.
  • 15. A curve of disdain hovered about her lips.
  • 16. Round the curve of the estuary was coming a huge vessel.
  • 17. The canvas boot had the curve of ocean waves.
  • 18. The trail now led around a curve in the wall.
  • 19. Around the curve swept the clanging trolley cars.
  • 20. They whirled around the curve of the road in an instant.
  • 21. He could see only the curve of her long eyelashes.
  • 22. She fixed her eyes upon that curve and waited.
  • 23. The curve of her mouth grew softly humorous.
  • 24. Who thus your forms could curve and break?
  • 25. She must have made a big curve somewhere.
  • 26. It seemed to curve to the outside edge of the powder.
  • 27. Thus, a curve is a line of which no part is straight.
  • 28. Leigh asked, with a demure curve of her lip.
  • 29. How gallantly the water-jets curve soaringly aslant!
  • 30. A line of darker blue marked the curve of the horizon.
  • 31. The continuance of the curve is a narrow, unrailed bridge.
  • 32. The stamens take a downward curve toward the lower petal.
  • 33. Flex: to bend: to curve back.
  • 34. It is low and the neck curve full, even if not very long.
  • 35. The shape of the curve obtained with a colour of 40 p.p.m.

How to use Curve in a Sentence?

  • 1. The white, soft curve of her chest was devoid of all marks.
  • 2. Horseshoe Curve was the most thrilling point on the course.
  • 3. That was the neatest curve I ever saw.
  • 4. Yes, Nature hit on the right curve in making you.
  • 5. They were at the Curve of Death!