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How To Use Cuss In A Sentence?

  • Always was a crank and an unsociable cuss when a boy, and he's worse now he's grown up.
  • He runs about twelve hundred woollies, and is about as unpolite a cuss as I ever met up with.
  • Women like her can't do without bokays, an' they don't care a cuss how they get 'em.
  • Grandfather old cuss named Poindexter who was defeated for Congress by but seventeen votes.
  • I'd feel so mean that I should jest set and cuss myself from mornin' till night.
  • It was on the tip of my tongue to cuss him out right there and then and tell him it was none of his business.
  • There was nothing for him and he seemed very surly and said a few cuss words about people not writing.
  • Upon this the young cuss of life slowly emerged from the forecastle, holding a cold potato in his hand.
  • They say that you can't cuss only about so much without somethin' happenin' to you.
  • What a lamentable cuss man iz, he pittys hiz nabors misfortunes, bi calling them judgments from heaven.
  • Here," he indicated the length of the main building, "I don't care a cuss about your art.
  • Why, I've had men who wouldn't swear for the world up in the air tell me they rip out cuss words something terrible down on the bottom.
  • He apt to be mighty fractious sometimes, and maybe he cuss you when you try to 'suade him but he need somebody what understand him to be 'round wid him.
  • Now, Dominick's a friend of mine, and for a foreigner he's the most entertainin' cuss I ever met.
  • Won't Thomas Smith, who's got no name to sign to a piece of paper, won't he just cuss when it's all did!
  • Dix-ie was ver-y smart, He could drink whis-ky, fight chick-ens, play po-ker, and cuss his moth-er.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cuss | Cuss Sentence

  • Sit down and cuss myself to all eternity, like enough.
  • What about the Indian cuss on it?
  • He wos the landlord of this here pub, and a cuss to drink.
  • But I have with that grinnin' cuss alongside o' yer.
  • He's as funny a cuss as I've seen in many a day.
  • I'm a sociable sort of cuss myself.
  • That's the kind of a low-down cuss you always was.
  • When you feel like pattin' him, cuss him instead.
  • The poor cuss ain't hardly got enough sense to die.
  • The man who iz a tyrant in hiz household iz an abjekt cuss amung hiz equals.
  • He's a slow cuss and 'ain't grasped the situation yet.
  • He was a little cuss an' dressed to kill, with gloves on, an' all that.
  • The little cuss elbowin' in To humor his besettin' sin.
  • The little cuss had so much milk he didn't have to forage for himself.
  • The cuss turned green and stammered that he wasn't no animal tamer.
  • But I had to cuss myself the whole evenin' to pay up for it!
  • I'd like to make trouble for the cuss that got me at the Rio Grande.
  • Stop it, cuss ye," yelled Bud, as Carl came out of the cabin.
  • Or else, perhaps they don't care a cuss whether Sandy MacDonald died or not.
  • First you're pleased--then you cuss them.

Definition of Cuss

(chiefly US) To use cursing, to use bad language, to speak profanely. | (dated, chiefly US) A fellow, person.
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