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  • You cut their hands off.
  • They scalped them all and cut their heads off.
  • We saw a few who had cut their hair.
  • To shaw their face and cut their gowns.
  • They cut their way through the circling mass of steel.
  • The women also do not cut their finger-nails.
  • Now the first needles of the ice-storm cut their faces.
  • They cut their dividends a little, and then to nothing.
  • Baluga and Dalioya went to cut their rice.
  • The women, on the contrary, seldom cut their hair.
  • Napoleon and the Imperial Guard cut their way through.
  • The men were anxious to cut their way back through their enemies.
  • Upon this the neutral vessels cut their cables and moved away.
  • You might as well cut their throats at once and spare them the long suffering.
  • I'd like to pay a fellow to cut their epitaphs.
  • And they love not them that cut their throats, and burn their country.
  • They talk of the sublime, and their words do not cut their tongues!
  • During the last century men have gradually cut their hair shorter and shorter.
  • After they had cut their firewood, they asked the old man the way to the city.
  • At the present day many of the men cut their hair short, like the whites.

How To Use Cut Their In A Sentence?

  • I cut their questions short by telling them that she had gone on a long journey.
  • It is the custom for girls to cut their bangs on the forehead when the moon is new.
  • Infant angels naturally felt colicky for some time before they cut their ear-wings.
  • The death-punishment was to cut their heads off and to expose them on the gibbet in iron cages.
  • The homestead-boys have lost their heads and will cut their own throats if they are let alone.
  • Shells from the 18-pounders and trench-mortars cut their wire and demoralised their sentries.
  • The fawns are of a reddish hue the first season, during which they cut their foreteeth.
  • Widows traditionally cut their hair in mourning, a custom which is still practiced.
  • They cut their own life into small pieces and give us the result without concealment.
  • If they had only kept together and fought well, they should have cut their way through the enemy.
  • A few narrow, crooked creeks cut their way through the great tableland of prairie.
  • Famine threatened them and they determined to cut their way through the army of the Moors.
  • They had to cut their way through thickets of cactus, thorny bushes, and trailing vines.
  • They were dazed with cold, and the snow, that seemed to cut their cheeks, was in their eyes.
  • Gunnar and Odin cut their way through them, and came out against a smoking hedge.
  • The women accordingly cut their hair, took bows and arrows and spears, and manned the city walls.
  • The Spaniards literally cut their way, hewed, hacked, thrust their way into the city.
  • Capitalism is the cause of our dense population; and the proletariat would infallibly cut their own throats by destroying it.
  • If that happened, we'd be down and out, before the rescuers had a chance to cut their way through.
  • The general stripped off his medals in despair, and gave them away to the children to cut their teeth with.
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