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Definition of Cuvier

(oenology) Fermenting room of a winery

How To Use Cuvier In A Sentence?

  • Cuvier observed that the cunning sparrows were never both out of the nest at the same time.
  • Cuvier remarks that other foxes acquire this hair on the soles when taken to northern lands.
  • The paper itself was referred to a committee of which Pinel and Cuvier were members.
  • Though perhaps less felicitous, the names of Baer express the same ideas as those of Cuvier.
  • In Linnaeus and Cuvier the intuitive element predominates; in Gauss, the analytical element.
  • Cuvier, Pasteur, Lamarck have no rivals on the other side of the Rhine, and their work no equal.
  • For a week Lisa lived alone in the Rue Cuvier; it was there that Gradelle came in search of her.
  • Cuvier himself practically gives up his second distinctive mark when he admits that it is wanting in the simpler animals.
  • Cuvier recognized distinctly the dispossessed couple, who related to each newcomer the impudent robbery of the sparrow.
  • Cuvier was the first to give a really philosophical view of the animal world in reference to the plan on which each animal is constructed.
  • Cuvier laboring to distinguish a horse-fly from a blue-bottle, or dissecting a spider with a rusty nail?
  • Down to the time of Cuvier, the classification of animal life had been most imperfect and unsatisfactory.
  • It is sufficient to cite in proof of this fact, the geological labours of our celebrated Cuvier.
  • It was in the pursuit after such analogies that Cuvier was led into the track where he found the basis of his new anatomical classifications.
  • Baer was perfectly original in his conception of these four types, for his paper was published in the very same year with that of Cuvier.
  • Then for a generation Cuvier was almost absolutely dominant, and his verdict was generally considered final.
  • The sight of a stranded cuttlefish led Cuvier to an investigation which made him one of the greatest natural historians in the world.
  • The extraordinary sagacity of Cuvier, coupled with his extensive knowledge, qualified him for the execution of this herculean task.
  • The pupils of Cuvier had stretched a net there to catch sparrows; one of the claws of the swallow was caught by the perfidious net.
  • There were, however, some of these criticisms and additions that were truly improvements, and touched upon points overlooked by Cuvier.
  • Linnaeus and Buffon rendered valuable service; but all former students in this branch of science were surpassed by Cuvier.
  • At length, one morning, Cuvier was awakened by the cries of the female, who with her wings beat against the panes of his window.
  • George Cuvier was perhaps the first man who, by his admirable works and researches, gave zoology its true place among the sciences.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cuvier | Cuvier Sentence

  • Cuvier and the fossil, 236.
  • Cuvier now came forward and added a principle.
  • Thus wrote Cuvier in 1828.
  • The relatives of Cuvier were poor.
  • It was Cuvier who found the key.
  • Old Pastor Cuvier was very kind to me.
  • M. Cuvier died in Switzerland.
  • Auger, Cuvier et Roger.
  • Baron de Cuvier, Theory of the Earth.
  • M. Laurillard was applied to in the absence of F. Cuvier.
  • Cuvier.
  • Cuvier, 183.
  • Cuvier, cited, 220.
  • Within three months Cuvier fell under a stroke of paralysis, and shortly died.
  • Cuvier, Haller and Leibnitz adopted substantially these views.
  • With Kant, Cuvier and Linnaeus believed this problem scientifically insoluble.

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