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How To Use Cyclist In A Sentence?

  • No London cyclist should fail to visit this picturesque and interesting neighbourhood.
  • The cyclist was then in the act of remounting, and I noted that he was in very dark clothes.
  • Outside I met the doctor, who was arranging to send a cyclist back for an ambulance.
  • To pick up further information I stopped a cyclist officer coming from the direction of Mons.
  • I left him and went into the house where the cyclist C.O. had made his temporary headquarters.
  • What article of the cyclist girl's attire do a couple of careless barbers recall to mind?
  • Further down the lane as they walked with his arm about her, they were startlingly rung out of the way by a cyclist who had come on them unawares.
  • He waited a little while, then withdrew to a shrubbery opposite the door on the other side of the drive up which the cyclist had come.
  • They had a cyclist section with them, but this was too small to be of any use except as orderlies, or despatch riders.
  • Village after village fell into our hands; mile after mile the enemy was relentlessly pursued by our cavalry and cyclist corps.
  • A little while ago the motor-bus might have overturned a human cyclist or so, and proceeded nonchalant on its way.
  • Finality has a way of ever receding into the infinite, and when the unpaced cyclist shall have beaten the paced record of 5 hrs.
  • He was very much in the position of a cyclist on the track; it needed a 'pacer' to show how slowly he was travelling.
  • Conspicuous units were a gentleman in dressing-gown and pyjamas, a couple of chimneysweeps, and a labouring cyclist on his way to work.
  • Mazeroux had had to wait till seven o'clock before he could hail a cyclist on his way to Chartres.
  • Of course, by this time the cyclist is almost at a standstill and is also zigzagging from one side to the other, waiting and muttering.
  • Then the nature of the poison and certain similarities of procedure seem to identify X with the cyclist who used that ingenious bullet.
  • Smithfield was reached on the 30th, and some cycles found there formed the nucleus of a cyclist section, subsequently elaborated under Lieut.
  • Even in these days of good brakes a fatality has occurred, a cyclist being killed in November, 1902, in a collision with a trap.
  • When we reached Guildford Street we both looked down the long, lamp-lighted vista, but the cyclist had vanished.
  • Then the cyclist reappeared and Kipps saw his blue-shaved, rather animated face and bright-reddish, brown eyes for the first time.
  • With her camera slung on to her bicycle and her fat little feet working the pedals, she had the air of being the forerunner of a corps of small cyclist photographers.
  • Here many a cyclist has been flung against the brick wall of the bridge, and his machine broken and himself injured; and seven have met their death here.
  • Brown did not sit down at all, but he did some amazing movements in skidding, reminding one in a somewhat vague way of the tramp cyclist of the music-hall stage.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cyclist | Cyclist Sentence

  • With cyclist policemen in his pay!
  • There goes a cyclist along Guildford Street.
  • There are two cyclist police at the door of that cafe over there.
  • He therefore appeared in the double part of cyclist and actor.
  • A motor cyclist was coming rapidly along the road leading westward.
  • The cyclist is thrown to the ground, his wheel twisted, and he gets the blame.

Definition of Cyclist

A person who rides a cycle, especially a bicycle, or who habitually engages in cycling. | (punningly) A user of the software language CycL.
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