Cynical In A Sentence

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  • She affected a cynical coarseness.
  • Harry accepted the statement with a cynical smile.
  • All his old cynical indifference was gone.
  • I said, with a cynical laugh.
  • All the papers are taking a horribly cynical view.
  • I ought to share in a cynical view of that saying?
  • Light careless laughter followed this cynical observation.
  • The Judge laughed with a note of cynical humour.
  • Mr. Blunt broke out into worldly, slightly cynical smiles.
  • Such a cynical and decadent philosophy could not go unchallenged.
  • Royleston's cynical face expressed an open contempt.
  • Neither would she mistake cynical opinion, cleverly expressed, for truth.
  • It's all pretence, sham, and heartless, cynical impurity.
  • An astute observer might have found O-liver cynical about women.
  • Leicester laughed bitterly--his old cynical laugh.

How To Use Cynical In A Sentence?

  • He spoke quite naturally, and did not seem to be aware that he was making a cynical statement.
  • His eyes were no longer half closed, and the old expression of cynical indifference was gone.
  • As she asked this question she seated herself, and contemplated Enrica with a cynical smile.
  • His lips contracted in a cynical grin as he remembered the figure he cut when Chook appeared.
  • Jonah stood his ground, and pointed out, with cynical candour, his unfitness to keep a wife.
  • It was noticed, moreover, that Leicester was less cynical and hopeless when in her presence.
  • Beyond them, Sturgess lay like a log, his clean-cut, somewhat cynical features relaxed in a smile.
  • But the words seemed to Mary Datchet shallow, supercilious, cold-blooded, and cynical all in one.
  • His eyes had half closed again, while the old air of cynical melancholy manifested itself in his face.
  • Gray stood over him, looking down upon him with a cold cynical regard that seemed to madden the man.
  • The other's cynical grunt conveyed nothing, but he reached out and dialed the auto-bar.
  • The thing could not have happened save by the dishonesty and cynical disbelief of some priest, and indeed probably of more than one.
  • I never had an interview with him but once, and then he seemed to me brusque and cynical at first, warming a little afterwards.
  • I can see him pick out the cartridges with his quiet, cynical smile, before he would give me my pistol back again.
  • The old cynical look came into his squinted eyes, and he strung out the cattle methodically until they came to the home ranch.
  • Even on the drive he was strangely quiet, chewing away soberly at his tobacco and looking out from under his hat with squinting and cynical eyes.
  • When he was with men, he was cold and cynical as ever, neither did he seem to be fighting the habit which had gained such mastery over him.
  • The lawyer gave a harsh, cynical laugh that grated offensively upon the priest's ear.
  • The very flowers seemed unnatural, and the white gleam on the mountain-tops was a glisten of supreme, cynical horror.
  • Again she saw the pale face, and the straight, erect form, while the memory of his cynical and faithless words haunted her.
  • For that matter, many philosophers of a more or less cynical turn of mind have criticised the work of Creation.
  • I thought that Townshend was only waiting for the poor fellow to go to become contemptuously cynical upon those who had shown any belief in him.
  • The most cynical of premiers, he governs England, and he scorns to take a place among those who ruled her before him.
  • His red lips trembled and I noted an underhand, cynical curiosity when he had occasion to raise his eyes to my face.
  • For a single moment Raffles looked venomous; then he shrugged and smiled, and the smile grew into a little cynical chuckle.

Definition of Cynical

Of or relating to the belief that human actions are motivated only or primarily by base desires or selfishness. | Skeptical of the integrity, sincerity, or motives of others. | Bitterly or jadedly distrustful or contemptuous; mocking.
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