Dabbed in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Dabbed

1. She dabbed her handkerchief on her eyes. 🔊

2. He dabbed his cheek with his pocket handkerchief. 🔊

3. The tips of the fingers bunched and dabbed at the lips. 🔊

4. Drew pulled up his neckerchief and dabbed at his cut lip. 🔊

5. Victoria dabbed her eyes, but no protest came from her. 🔊

6. Occasionally she dabbed at her nose with a piece of white cloth. 🔊

7. He dabbed at his lips with his napkin and leaned back in his chair. 🔊

8. The blonde person dabbed at her eyes with a scented handkerchief. 🔊

9. She sniffed a little, and dabbed her handkerchief at her eyes. 🔊

10. He dipped her handkerchief again in the fountain, and dabbed his face afresh. 🔊

11. Delia straightened herself, dabbed apologetically at her eyes, and coughed. 🔊

12. He dabbed his face with it, and slowly, with her assistance, sat up. 🔊

How to use Dabbed in Sentences?

1. He pulled out his handkerchief and dabbed her wet cheeks with clumsy tenderness. 🔊

2. She took out her moist ball of handkerchief again and dabbed both her eyes and nose. 🔊

3. She sank back in her chair and dabbed her reddened eyelids with her moist handkerchief. 🔊

4. She dabbed at her eyes furiously with her handkerchief, and walked with great dignity to the door. 🔊

5. Whether outside or in, the eggs are dabbed down in a fairly regular and absolutely white layer. 🔊

6. Miss Bacon dabbed a handkerchief to it continually and started explaining its presence at once. 🔊

7. Mrs. Hearty in mauve and violet dabbed her eyes and beat her breast with rigid impartiality. 🔊

8. He waved and dabbed with them: they fondled each other, and then started apart as if they had quarreled. 🔊