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  • We have dabbled in them all, generally belonging to the deep section of the day.
  • The dowager often dabbled in stocks and shares for want of something better to do.
  • He had the reputation of having dabbled a little in our art; some said not without merit.
  • On the bed was a grey-haired woman, groaning feebly and with her forehead dabbled in blood.
  • Why force a professional status on the mere dabbler in crime, who might never have dabbled again?
  • The pretty soft brown hair, dabbled here and there with water, was hanging in disorder.
  • From childhood, they dabbled in water, they swum like fishes, their playthings were boats.
  • Those who dabbled in alchemy declared that Maitre Cornelius had the power of making gold.
  • Her beautiful arms and hands were bare, and she dabbled with them in the water, and played with the fish.
  • What gave it its sinister significance, however, was that from hem to hem it was all dabbled and discoloured.
  • I, who have dealt with death all my life, and have dabbled with the melting ruins of the earthly tabernacle.
  • She was found in the corner of the large chimney, having no covering save her shift, and that dabbled in gore.
  • He also trifled with horticulture, dabbled in tulips, was a connoisseur in pinks, and had gained a prize for polyanthuses.
  • Van Dam chuckled, with satisfaction, while she felt for her handkerchief and dabbled at his bruised knuckles.
  • The red light from the west shone on her, and dabbled her white kirtle as with blood, and her face was like one of the red roses in her garden.
  • Yet, from the facts she subsequently placed before me, it would seem that it was at her instigation that I first dabbled in finance.
  • Their dewlaps all dabbled with red wine and ale, And extremities cold as a live fish's tail!
  • But real-estate, in which almost everybody had once dabbled (with advantage assumed and usually realized), had now become a game for experts.
  • At last I spied him, his back to a rock, his hand dabbled for coolness in a little runnel that trickled at his side.
  • Mr. Montague had dabbled in many professions in his time, from street peddling upward, but what he was really best at was hypnotism.
  • The sailcloth was stained and dabbled with the mud; and a strange sense of shrinking seized upon Clayton as he stooped to lift one end.
  • He could play the guitar quite prettily, could sing a song, dabbled with pen and brush, and talked with considerable facility of poetry and art.
  • See, it's all dabbled yet; and where your head was resting now, the dead girl's head lay, more than a hundred years since!
  • In his later years he dabbled in literature and the drama, and interested himself in arboriculture in his retirement at Henley-on-Thames.
  • The hand he held against his breast was dabbled and streaked with the blood that oozed from beneath the pressing fingers; the leaf-mold under him was saturated with it.
  • In her early years she dabbled a little in poetry herself, and there is a tradition in the family that the prenuptial correspondence was for a long time wholly in verse.
  • He dabbled largely in magic, and drew to his court many magicians whose labors are collected in the philosophical work which bears his name.
  • So he mixed the foaming suds and dabbled in them up to his elbows, and when his sister witnessed the general frolic into which his leadership suddenly transformed the dishwashing she no longer objected.
  • First, because we have trembled on the verge so long and sort of dabbled our toes in the water, that our minds have grown gradually accustomed to what under other circumstances would be a violent shock.
  • On one wall a heliotrope broke in lavender foam and the creamy froth of the Banksia rose dabbled railings and pillars and dripped over on to the ground.
  • Many were themselves accused of witchcraft; and noble ladies were shown to have dabbled in mystic arts, and proved to the world that, if they were not witches, it was not for want of the will.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dabbled | Dabbled Sentence

  • He was a lawyer who dabbled in literature.
  • Its locks dabbled in gore.
  • He had even dabbled in whitewash.
  • He dabbled the spoon uneasily in his tea, looking downcast.
  • He lifted his dabbled hands, and looked at them, wondering.
  • Consequently we possessed our souls in impatience and dabbled in conjecture.
  • They are dabbled like a painter's palette.
  • He had dabbled in journalism and talked with literary fellows like myself.
  • Blood flowed everywhere; men dabbled in blood, almost bathed in blood.

Definition of Dabbled

simple past tense and past participle of dabble
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