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  • A few daisies had sprung up again.
  • As daisies white and fair.
  • And the daisies at once go to sleep.
  • A few had chains of daisies round their necks.
  • The daisies and the grass, dystricte.
  • It had enticed us with daisies and rewarded us with roses.
  • When the daisies are growing over auntie, eh?
  • Thou silly thing, off to thy daisies go.
  • Jonathan, it says English daisies are good for borders.
  • Buttercups and daisies (D) ...
  • When she was told that she might pluck a few daisies she was much delighted.
  • His hand stole to his heart and touched the wreath of white daisies there.
  • I can't chirk up folks like the goldenrod and daisies does.
  • The bars open and shut at intervals like daisies blinking at the sun.
  • And how the buttercups and daisies dance To meet my dazzled glance!
  • Cramer Maccabe, F. ... Buttercups and daisies (D) ...
  • It was a prayer to Mary, but a prayer sung in a field of daisies and violets.
  • How the tall white daisies grow, Where the grim artillery rolled!
  • Under the snow, Speak gently, she can hear The daisies grow.

How To Use Daisies In A Sentence?

  • The ox-eye daisies opened their sleepy petals to see what all the stir was about.
  • So you walk on striking idly with your stick at the daisies and buttercups that border your path.
  • If you fancies as daisies is dealt with like horchids, and grown under glass!
  • To those above, the mass of agitated chuffs looked like a field of daisies in a wind.
  • Down near the shore white daisies speckled the green grass like a first snow-fall.
  • So he took off her wreath of white daisies and placed it within his jacket, close to his heart.
  • She stood knee-deep in the daisies and clover, and looked like a regular picture-calf.
  • A straw-green, with blue forget-me-nots, and those little baby daisies dropping over her hair.
  • This was the blessing that the daisies had brought him and he thanked the hand that had gathered them.
  • But there are wind-blown plains where the daisies grow tall, with moon faces such as no cultivation can produce in them.
  • On their heads were wreaths of tiny double white daisies and they carried small baskets filled to overflowing with the same flower.
  • Miles of green fields stippled with daisies and bordered with long lines of white and red hawthorn hedges flew past.
  • The garden was full of weeds and flowers, with daisies on the lawn, and dandelions and milkwort among the beds.
  • Primroses, daisies and wallflowers are in full bloom in many parts of the country and young lambs may now be seen frisking in the meadows.
  • Charlotte stood still, her arms tightening about the daisies and buttercups, as if they represented a baby whom she must not let fall.
  • They had not cut the grass in the orchard, and he plunged through clover, feathery grass, and daisies to his waist.
  • It was light straw, trimmed with black velvet and blue silk, and had white daisies fastened to the velvet.
  • If he isn't pounding the fence or throwing it at a dog, he's snipping daisies or knocking the heads off bull-thistles.
  • He is very fond of wild flowers, especially daisies and clover blossoms, and in their season is never without a bunch of them upon his desk.
  • But little Alice did not know that her bread was made of the wheat that she had seen growing in the big field where the daisies bloomed.
  • Do we not note the daisies on the lawn forever, when for one instant we look out upon it from the darkened room wherein our loved one lies a-dying?

Definition of Daisies

plural of daisy
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