Dale In A Sentence

Definition of Dale

(archaic) A trough or spout to carry off water, as from a pump.

How To Use Dale In A Sentence?

  • Then, on the next down, Dale signaled for the trick play.
  • Thus Miss Dale with a gurgling chuckle.
  • What would Molly Dale think?
  • Thus Mr. Dale with interest.
  • What will Mrs. Dale say?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dale | Dale Sentence

  • The dale is not without its associations.
  • Who can weary of hill and dale and the eternal sea?
  • They can cover hill and dale with a single wave.
  • Maurice Dale was puzzled.
  • Colonel Dale had just asked.
  • Lieutenant Dale saluted.
  • And in this Dale was correct.
  • I mean the Dale girls.
  • Maurice Dale is a famous doctor now.
  • Colonel Dale nodded sadly.
  • The Barnacle ran down into the dale at once.
  • Molly Dale said nothing.
  • Colonel Dale soon came in.
  • Colonel Dale picked up the swords.
  • But Dale never worked it.
  • Jones and Dale also gave her the same rate.
  • Molly Dale continued to look at him inquiringly.
  • Mr. Dale nodded miserably.
  • It was dusk when he dismounted at the Dale corral.
  • Jasper Dale sprang up and gazed upon her.
  • The Dale girls thrilled with excitement.
  • Those Dale girls are certainly remarkable!
  • Mr. Dale shook his head.
  • Racey, aghast at the Dale obtuseness.
  • Miss Dale stared calmly at him, through him.
  • On and on sped Dale with the rival left end at his heels.
  • Miss Dale puzzled, paused in the doorway.
  • In the next breath Dale answered the unspoken question.
  • Then Dale gave the word to come up for another haul.
  • Mrs. Dale inquired, shrewdly.
  • Maurice Dale sat upright, pulling at a cigar.
  • Illustrated by Dale Nichols.
  • But Lieutenant Dale interrupted.
  • Miss Dale and I will follow.
  • Is Monsieur Dale dead?
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