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  • They have dallied with their chances too long.
  • She never dallied nor hesitated.
  • The doctor dallied with his teaspoon.
  • Sex is a thing too pressing to be dallied with.
  • She had not dallied with heroes in her dreams.
  • She dallied as she went down the stairs.
  • I dallied the longer in the shadow of pleasure.
  • He had absurdly dallied with his supposed obligations to her long enough.
  • I could sooner have dallied with and flouted a supreme work of art.
  • Thus the tourists, as they sipped their coffee and dallied with their ices.
  • But the new crown prince was seemingly coy, and dallied with both.
  • And still Charles dallied and delayed, still the main army did not come up.
  • Ann 'Lisbeth, hers not to argue, but accept, dallied with no such question.

How To Use Dallied In A Sentence?

  • Yet they dallied on in the way of young love and drove up to the bank just before it closed.
  • In his early youth he had dallied with them all, but he had never got beyond the dallying stage.
  • He had motored in from Southampton and there was proof that he had not dallied along the way.
  • Leisurely, and with the smack of a true connoisseur, he dallied with a glass of exquisite Madeira.
  • Now, to keep to our story without making it too long, the Acadians dallied and dallied.
  • For a lingering moment I dallied with her, craving some tiny, absurd bit of loving service.
  • For a moment Madge Hubert dallied to shuffle one half of her pack of cards into the other half.
  • In fact, there had been relaxed moods in which she had dallied pleasantly with the thought of marrying him.
  • It was a colourful spectacle to visualize, and we dallied with it a space before abandoning it as impracticable.
  • He knew that if he dallied his flesh would master him, and he limped out of the firelight with a groan.
  • But like the moral conscience it can be dallied with until the grieved spirit turns away, and the wretch is left to his fate.
  • Burgoyne had marched but six miles, yet dallied till afternoon on the spot where he had halted early in the day.
  • Your hearty words of good cheer dallied me out of a blue-devilism that is more often my companion nowadays than some fifteen or twenty years ago.
  • With a desperate effort Nancy controlled herself, and sat with impassive face as she dallied with her pen.
  • She sat down upon the beach, and dallied with her golden tresses, and sang sweet songs of a happy land in the depths of the sounding sea.
  • We were not left in doubt another second as to whether our friend Hassan had dallied on the way, and held his tongue or not.
  • Eda would have been horrified that Janet should have dallied with any other relationship; God would punish her.
  • Had one of those long cutaways that dallied with my ankles; they hadn't gone out in Gulf City.
  • She dallied for some time, wondering whatever could have happened to Thomas, and then returned, full of grave apprehensions, to the house.
  • At that time, he himself would not have believed it capable of realization; he merely dallied in fancy with a chimera which was both terrible and seductive.
  • About two per cent. have dallied more or less gingerly with Christian Science, their average period of belief being one year.
  • And dallied thus, till from the shore The tide retreating more and more Had suck'd, and suck'd him in.
  • Two weeks had passed over their heads, and the three little kings had for several days dallied with temptation on the brink before one set foot outside the nest.
  • Something happens as we desire to have it happen to ourselves; some situation, that we have long dallied with in fancy, is realised in the story with enticing and appropriate details.
  • I do not think anybody wanted to eat much; we played with cups of coffee and with each other, and dallied with the minutes till the last one was spent.
  • So the company dallied along, and it was October before the whole train was made up at a point about a hundred miles south of Salt Lake.

Definition of Dallied

simple past tense and past participle of dally
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