Dallying In A Sentence

Definition of Dallying

present participle of dally | dalliance

How To Use Dallying In A Sentence?

  • This habit of dallying over a task is something which may certainly be crowded out.
  • The preacher then launched into his subject like an eagle dallying with the wind.
  • The preacher then launched into his subject, like an eagle dallying with the wind.
  • He is tired of me, and perhaps on some distant coast he is dallying with a newer sweetheart.
  • In his early youth he had dallied with them all, but he had never got beyond the dallying stage.
  • Thus dallying with his souvenirs, he examined the writing and the style of the letters, as varied as their orthography.
  • Can it be that imagination, dallying with what it took for impossibilities, could so far mislead a man?
  • He might have loitered along, dallying with the wisdom of going, and possibly ended by not going at all.
  • It was his idiotic deliberation, his love of dallying gently with his emotions, getting the best he could out of them.
  • Still dallying with the note, he looked again at the youth, and as he looked, his confidence in him revived.
  • This resolution was promptly carried out, for Luther was not in the habit of dallying long with serious matters.
  • In reality, the Danish monarch was dallying with the hope of putting into effect a diabolical scheme which he had concocted.
  • She had no appetite, however, and after dallying at the table for half an hour or so, she went up stairs again and entered the sewing-room.
  • As soon as they were seated Mr. Sandys launched into the talk, like an eagle dallying with the wind.
  • The blame rests on the mean-spirited cur who has kept the ship dallying here in port while he was going back on his bargain and playing a double game with me.
  • But there was no time for dallying with thoughts of such engendering, for he knew that every moment only robbed him of so much power, and he prepared for another effort.
  • He felt the door to confession closing with finality behind him; and now that he saw all chance for dallying on its threshold cut off, he began to regret that it should so completely close.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dallying | Dallying Sentence

  • And dallying is the feebleness of fools.
  • There must be no dallying with light Muses.
  • There was no more flirting now, or dallying with taper waists.
  • But do you see that boy dallying at the street corner with his mate?
  • But Leff was evidently not for dallying by the side of beauty.
  • There they are, paying in pennies--and us dallying here....

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