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  • Madge surveyed damages again.
  • For damages satisfy girls who can swoon.
  • I forfeit my profit and large damages besides.
  • I'll sue you for damages for your blunder.
  • Shall not our souls also sue for damages against its aggressor?
  • We'll lay the damages at twenty thousand pounds!
  • It was necessary to repair the damages at once, and to work the pumps.
  • Hitherto, actions had been brought for damages done by back water.
  • He throwed off all claims for extry stumpage and damages on Square-hole.
  • Case V. is the suit for damages which one Powell brings against Pennsylvania.
  • It's mighty hard to get damages for that; and we like our news tasty.
  • If we don't mind he'll be claiming damages from us," said Miss Kaye.

How To Use Damages In A Sentence?

  • It is not that an employer should be mulcted in damages when he has been guilty of no fault.
  • In so doing, the government either takes away or damages some of your property.
  • Sometimes the line led across the lean fields, and damages had to be discussed and assessed.
  • I must pay damages and expenses of litigation, or my cattle get killed almost every day.
  • That is understood; a hundred thousand florins damages to Monsieur le Baron Tour de Monde.
  • Such person shall be liable to the owner of the trees for treble the amount of damages sustained.
  • There are three street commissioners with power to lay out streets and assess damages thereby occasioned.
  • The suit was brought in behalf of a young woman for damages because of words spoken against her reputation by the defendant.
  • In brief, in cattle and other damages the loss to the seminary will amount to a round thousand crowns.
  • This right of action was by civil suit for such damages as inured to the party by reason of a wrongful act of a common carrier.
  • He is not debarred from recovery by proof of his carelessness; he is not given larger damages upon proof of the negligence of the master.
  • It is probable his punishment will be exceedingly light, as divorce suits and actions for damages are not in favor in this part of the world.
  • Nine times out of ten the people have heard the story before; and ten times out of nine the teller damages it in the telling.
  • The Seaboard will sue the new railroad for damages for failure to have the tracks into the cuttings on time.
  • An unmarried female may prosecute as plaintiff, an action for her own seduction and recover such damages as may be found in her favor.
  • There was little time to repair the losses and damages suffered on these occasions before the inroads of the Danes began.
  • And now they presented enormous claims for damages for the losses which eight years before they had suffered at the hands of the Orangeists.
  • He could not have got away even had he wished, for his foretopmast was gone, and he had not fully repaired the other damages he had received aloft.
  • His patent made him very rich: in one single case of infringement he received a cheque for damages for one hundred and fifty thousand pounds.
  • Not until a courier returned, saying that the order had been obeyed, and all damages settled satisfactorily, did the armed waiters leave.
  • We unpacked chairs and tables, scanning anxiously for damages on the polished wood, and setting them one after another in a row against the walls.
  • As soon as we had repaired damages we made sail, though it was four days before we reached Portsmouth with our prize.
  • On the other hand, when some Italian musicians complained of unjust dismissal, the court awarded them damages of 700 marks.
  • With a few minor damages the airmen regained their respective parent ships, and then it was discovered that Barcroft and Kirkwood had not returned.
  • The sum and substance is, you pay me a lump sum and square me for damages to that township or I'll cancel this season's stumpage contract.
  • He asked my advice as his attorney as to whether or not there was anything in the letters that would make him liable to a civil suit for damages in case of their publication.
  • These three particular charges are set out, and they claim so much damages for saying these particular things about this particular individual.
  • Germany shall restore or pay for all private enemy property seized or damaged by her, the amount of damages to be fixed by the mixed arbitral tribunal.

Definition of Damages

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of damage | (law) The money paid or awarded to a claimant (in England), a pursuer (in Scotland) or a plaintiff (in the US) in a civil action as compensation for a loss suffered by the same.
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