Damaging In A Sentence

Definition of Damaging

Harmful; injurious; causing damage. | present participle of damage | An act of causing damage.

How To Use Damaging In A Sentence?

  • Nothing is so damaging to philosophy as to allow itself to be governed by poetry.
  • The evidence the board heard was as damaging to the boys as it was bewildering.
  • The law has a section in it providing for defacing and damaging the trees or cutting them down.
  • He knew that his simple yes and no answers had made the most damaging sort of evidence.
  • This damaging blow further demoralized the majority which was eager for the Constitution.
  • The strong animal is, as a rule, the least liable to damaging emotion and its consequences.
  • His intellectual attacks upon Christian faith were terribly damaging and subversive.
  • And it was a damaging blow to his scheme of transferring to England our alliance with France.
  • The Phytophthora root disease is damaging chestnut orchards throughout southern Europe.
  • I'm told I shall be damaging his position in the place if I don't begin all over again.
  • Millicent was half-dazed and perhaps did not reflect that it was possible to draw a damaging inference from her words.
  • I have been delighted to find that this success of hers had no damaging effect upon the grand simplicity of her nature.
  • In time he must begin with damaging stimulants before he can go on with the interesting pursuits of each day.
  • We do not at the present moment run any risk of damaging our prestige or showing signs of weakness.
  • He looked to discover how far the pernicious habit of publicity might be damaging to the cause in which he was working.
  • Other impressions of equal strength and emotional vividness may have passed without leaving any damaging result.
  • They were as men living over a powder magazine which the least spark would explode with thunderous noise and damaging effect.
  • On the contrary it would be a damaging precedent, so that others might follow similar acts of audacity.
  • There's never been a time yet when a body could produce direct, damaging evidence against him.
  • Bud admitted to himself that his only chance was to refute Stelton's damaging inference.
  • Yet here we constantly find that damaging things are mentioned about Peter, and things to his credit are not referred to.
  • Although only a civil action, the evidence against Bellamy was so damaging that a criminal prosecution was bound to follow.
  • And truly if emancipation has really done so much mischief in Jamaica as they claim, it is a most damaging fact.
  • Then he straightened up, very white from the humiliation, yet absolutely sure, of course, that nothing damaging could be found upon him.
  • Years of hard study and constant mechanical training had kept Ivan safe for a long time from immature and damaging attempts at creative work.
  • The result of this, was most damaging to the Trade, sometimes, the sellers had the worst of it, sometimes the buyers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Damaging | Damaging Sentence

  • It was a pretty damaging indictment.
  • This circumstance alone is damaging to the whole story.
  • Particularly damaging is the effect of war upon citizens.
  • And what true man would risk damaging a wineskin?
  • This damaging charge against the classics should not be too readily accepted.
  • The modes of initiation are more damaging than custom-house oaths.
  • Nothing is so damaging to art as to be made the mere vehicle of reasoning.
  • The bad newspaper stops not at publishing the most damaging and unclean story.
  • Now, there is nothing more damaging than the witness who proves too much.
  • The most cautious cross-examiner will often elicit a damaging answer.
  • It was a small sum, but as a mistake was as damaging as $500.
  • My having had a watch, he said, was the only damaging feature in the case.
  • No, I should endeavour to hit upon some plan for damaging the engines.
  • Furthermore, Larkin's direct question was capable of a damaging reply.

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