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How To Use Damped In A Sentence?

  • My pleasure was somewhat damped by not being able to get among them that night.
  • After supper it came on to rain again and damped us thoroughly before going to bed.
  • With his spirits a little damped in spite of his philosophy, he went back to his rooms.
  • Somehow the interlude had damped the free go of the banquet, and we soon prepared to depart also.
  • An event had recently occurred, however, which somewhat damped the pleasure of their reception.
  • The box, or naund, in which the grain is damped being stationary, can be looked at any time.
  • His loss damped the courage of the Corsairs, and the contest was soon given up.
  • Ordinary surface soil, not too sandy, acts well, if damped and rammed thoroughly.
  • Her conversations with Lady Dunstane brought her at last to the point of her damped enthusiasm.
  • Meanwhile the old furnaceman has damped his fire and made everything ready for the mate who succeeds him.
  • Now the elder thought he had the best of it, only to be damped by a revulsion of feeling in favour of the housekeeper.
  • The bran should only be damped sufficiently to make it stick together, and should not be sloppy and wet.
  • Like artists who feel themselves trammelled by distasteful conventions, they were damped and could not do themselves justice.
  • To remove the clinker properly and economically from the grate of the furnace the fire must have been damped for a short while.
  • The conversation he had overheard at the inn frequently recurred to him, and considerably damped his ardour.
  • We rejoice over our victories, but our joy is damped by the recollection of the sad pictures which we observe almost daily.
  • The spirits, therefore, of those opposed to them seemed to be considerably damped by their continued success.
  • But it must be confessed that articulate ardour is slightly damped until somebody starts a subject a great deal nearer home.
  • Fill the frame or case with slightly damped earth and ram it tight, leaving the usual hollow hearth.
  • None could mistake them, and the few clauses which he curtly added to the discussion rather damped the discussion, and there was a pause.
  • This campaign in some measure damped the spirits of the Indians, and made them sensible of our superiority.
  • So he rode on, and she folded up the linen all crooked, and damped it down with her tears, so that it was quite ready for ironing.
  • Even then, even when failure has damped your critical ardour, you will see many things to be laughed at in the deportment of your rivals.
  • He left us at the foot of a mountain, the last we had to cross, the steep acclivity of which somewhat damped our ardor.
  • Bill turned into the room on the right, opened the drawer and got the handkerchief, damped the sponge and came back.
  • Then, with a smile of triumph, damped by a hasty glance of fear up and down the street, he hurriedly closed the door.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Damped | Damped Sentence

  • This damped her a little.
  • They damped the powder.
  • This prospect somewhat damped our ardor.
  • The sand on which he lay was damped with dew.
  • Straw is worked more easily after being damped and beaten with a mallet.
  • He perceived that my vivacity was greatly damped by this intelligence.
  • But his momentary satisfaction was damped by the cold voice of his visitor.
  • With ardour damped but not extinguished, we continued the quest day after day.
  • The dew damped the road, and formed many-colored drops in the grass.
  • Recent rains had damped everything, however, and his attempts proved abortive.
  • Yet as soon as it got on a damped "fine thing" it left a brown line.
  • This reflection damped the joy which flushed in my face when I first saw her.
  • But Mr Bunker was not to be damped by this hint of barbed wire.
  • This evening her spirits were damped by Jemima's refusal to eat.

Definition of Damped

(of an extinguished fire) stopped from smouldering and reigniting by the application of water | (physics, of a linear dynamic system) Possessing a nonzero damping ratio. | simple past tense and past participle of damp
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