Dampen In A Sentence

Definition of Dampen

(transitive) To make damp or moist; to make slightly wet. | (intransitive) To become damp or moist. | (transitive) To depress; to check; to make dull; to lessen.

How To Use Dampen In A Sentence?

  • It would not be a great interruption, and he hoped it might heighten, and not dampen their joys.
  • Even the situation in which we found ourselves did not dampen the laughter and Joy of being with friends again.
  • He inwardly determined to tell them the truth, but not at that moment, for he did not want to dampen their spirits.
  • Not even the cruel handling of the property by the predecessors of Parsons could dampen that loyalty.
  • The appearance of the place was unprepossessing enough to dampen even the ambitious courage of Pauline.
  • Of course the leather rolled badly, but since it was possible to dampen and stretch it into shape this difficulty could be overcome.
  • But neither their own lack of hardihood nor the disasters of their Southern friends could dampen their peculiar ardor.
  • The flight of the Hawk did not long dampen the ardor of those who were looking for signs in the heaven above and the earth beneath.
  • They fear the worst, dread failure, dampen their own confidence, and therefore fritter away their own energy.
  • One of these, as if to dampen such great enthusiasm a little, asked him where he had studied the first years of Latin.
  • He had been twice wounded in fights along the coast, en route, but nothing could diminish his energy, or dampen his ardor.
  • The enthusiasm of the old man was so intense and childlike that Jasper had not the heart to say one word that would in any way dampen his joy.
  • Daar is een geheele voorraad dampen en onderaardsch vuur, die niets liever verlangen, dan er uit te raken!
  • As Jasper sat and watched the two animated faces before him, he had not the heart to say a word that would in any way dampen their enthusiasm.
  • Het is een echte zeef, wier weefsel de in de aarde besloten dampen laat ontwijken door de kokende bronnen en de zwavelgroeven.
  • Yet with all the frightfulness of which the unscrupulous Huns were capable, it was impossible to dampen for long the spirits of the French.
  • The failure that had hitherto dogged his past essays in life did not dampen his confidence, for they had been made under other auspices than his own.
  • After some days of good weather a rainy period set in, and this continued more than two weeks; but this did not halt the attendance nor dampen the fire that had been kindled at the meetings.
  • In the high winds of the middle channel the song is raised, as the schooner lays over at a perilous angle, and ships water enough to dampen the ardour of most singers.
  • Before the collection was published, however, another magazine loomed up, for the regular failure of each venture never seemed to dampen the ardor of magazine projectors.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dampen | Dampen Sentence

  • Again the captain had to dampen her hopes.
  • But that seemed not to dampen his feelings a whit.
  • Pludselig holdt dampen op at buldre.
  • Even this second misadventure failed to dampen his ardor.
  • It did not dampen his love for England.
  • And I had not the courage to dampen his hopes.
  • Yet, it did not dampen his love for England.
  • It was a sight to dampen the ardour of stouter hunters than this band of boys.
  • They're so enthusiastic about it one can't bear to dampen their ardour.
  • And Ben stopped, unwilling to dampen this propitious beginning.

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