Dancers In A Sentence

Definition of Dancers

plural of dancer

How To Use Dancers In A Sentence?

  • Here each is thrust down in succession until all the dancers have passed through.
  • Almost everybody was on the floor, for energetic were our dancers in those bygone days.
  • The dancers seeing her went into fits of laughter at the pair of thin legs she showed.
  • It goes, well satisfied, and the dancers disperse until another great festival.
  • The band shrieked out its cheap melodies, the dancers danced beneath the glare of electric lights.
  • The other dancers give way and the new-comers perform, in harlequin fashion, their allotted parts.
  • As soon as the music stopped they would be filled with dancers seeking the coolness of the outer air.
  • There is only one style of paint used by either the principal or the common dancers throughout the sun dance.
  • The amused dancers who had to steer clear of his imperious path forgave much for the priceless jewels in his turban.
  • His attention was soon engrossed by the dancers who, accompanied by musicians, appeared on the stage at the end of the hall.
  • On one side of the hall was a kind of stage, lighted with coloured lamps, where dancers and players were to perform.
  • And the dancers sat round the wall, crowding in the little room, faint with the transport of repeated ecstasy.
  • He was left in the oval room, and as the dancers who had come in to occupy its seats seemed all to be in pairs, he remained aloof.
  • He went toward them, and as he drew near, he saw that the dancers had worn a ditch waist-deep about the tree.
  • So the male dancers are quiet, but even grandiloquent, their feet nimble, their bodies wild and confident.
  • After along time, the other dancers reappeared, and he retired; these continued their exercises, until driven off as before.
  • They were alert, well-muscled; their faces were streaked with paleness and a black smutch like dancers made up for a masquerade.
  • She watched the dancers with an earnestly following eye, preoccupied, he supposed, with the moral aspect of their embraces and gyrations.
  • The greatest dancers of the age were in the ballet, and the brilliant Taglioni led the band of resuscitated nuns.
  • The dancers came and went, promenading arm in arm upon the earthen floor, or leaping with hands outstretched and fingers fluttering.
  • In one night the dancers and musicians collect five or six thousand rupees, which cover the expenses, and the audience is sufficiently amused.
  • Then suddenly the dance crashed to an end, and the dancers stood stranded, lost, bewildered, on a strange shore.
  • In the outskirts of the cemeteries, swings and whirligigs are set up, and story-tellers, jugglers, and dancers amuse the populace.
  • These dancers are painted white; they wear white buckskin kilts, with the breechclout outside, carry bone whistles, and are barefoot.
  • But now, so to speak, the ball was over, the roses all shattered and faded, and the weary dancers must face the aftermath of to-morrow...
  • These they thrust into the walls at the rear of the room leaving ample room for the dancers to pass under the swaying bladders in the rites of purification.
  • Indeed, the other dancers were merry, and not ill-pleased with Ben-Abid's words.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dancers | Dancers Sentence

  • But no dancers were there.
  • The maiden to the dancers lead!
  • The dancers whirled and circled.
  • Not one of the dancers would touch it.
  • Bards and harpers and dancers wandered among the cottages.
  • Remember, we tight-rope dancers have no retiring pension!
  • The rank and file of the dancers are men, never women.
  • The Little Dancers . .
  • Apparently the dancers do not leave the lodge during this entire period.
  • After the image is in place the dancers enter to perform for the night.
  • The dancers form a line on the east side of the lodge facing the image.
  • And the dancers circled about in a maddening whirl, ever faster and faster.
  • And the Zouaves and the dancers laughed over their card games.

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