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How To Use Dancing In In A Sentence?

  • I believe that you were excellent in your music and dancing in your younger days.
  • I am not thinking of the dancing in undress which for a time captured the music-halls.
  • The fair and the dark are succeeding each other like leaves blown in the wind dancing in and out.
  • Would you try adopting a child or my taking up classical dancing in deadly earnest?
  • But everywhere it has been the tendency of dancing in recent years to become more noisily sexual.
  • In the afternoon there are sports; and in the evening continuous dancing in a large marquee.
  • It was a small room with a low ceiling, and there were thirty-six people dancing in it all night.
  • The clouds were now all gone, and the stars sprang out, dancing in a sky of dusky blue.
  • There she gave Elizabeth a brisk rubdown that set the blood dancing in her veins.
  • Three little naked Indian children with feathers in their hair were dancing in the foreground.
  • Were the violins still playing, the people still dancing in their fairy land of freedom?...
  • And I fancy the notion that we were no longer children began dancing in my head a little, too.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dancing In | Dancing In Sentence

  • Dancing in the goddamn daisies.
  • Can you not see them dancing in the twilight?
  • Peasants are dancing in a valley on the left.
  • Music and dancing in my castle by broad daylight?
  • Marion came dancing in with the glad news.
  • There was a light dancing in his hazel eyes.
  • We have seen dancing in other countries, and dressing.
  • In one room there was dancing; in another, a stage.
  • There was no more said, for Marion came dancing in.
  • Dancing in the street to a piano-organ, Aunt?
  • Later in the day her little sister Julia came dancing in.
  • Dancing in the Open Air beneficial.
  • First there was the sound as of some one dancing in the dark passage.
  • He was so eager now that his eyes were fairly dancing in his head.
  • To me the style of dancing in this country seems ungraceful.
  • After dinner we fell to dancing in the long room that faced the gardens.
  • Well-remembered figure amidst the yellow leaves dancing in the sunlight!
  • A spell of that strength ought to have set you dancing in three minutes.
  • The bright lure of liberty was in her eyes; it was dancing in her brain.
  • To-day she had watched magic dancing in a mackintosh, and she was at a loss.
  • Dancing in the Austrian Tyrol VIII.
  • Round puffs seemed to be dancing in fantastic ballet from tree-top to tree-top.
  • That night there was feasting and dancing in the halls, next day, departure.
  • All their eyes were dancing in their heads, except those of Primrose.
  • Laughter was dancing in his eyes, but, except for his eyes, his face was grave.
  • The warriors of her tribe are there, All dancing in the firelight glare.
  • One glance showed the Na-che broken and inverted, dancing in this.
  • Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
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