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  • The dandies are not less subdued.
  • The dandies looked at him with scorn.
  • The dandies regarded him with blank amazement.
  • Her presence drew scores of young dandies to the shop.
  • The dandies George IV.
  • The dandies of the day wore upper garments of military cut and gay colors.
  • I'm not talking about the dandies who have a lot of money they never earned.

How To Use Dandies In A Sentence?

  • The truth is, the only dandies who are tolerable are those whose dandyism is a cloak of reserve.
  • Some, the greatest dandies of all, wore mantles of velvet, violet being the prevailing colour.
  • They often made me think of dandies who go resplendent in fine clothes but are less conspicuous for mental excellences.
  • If any of the young dandies tries to court her, she bids him go bear-hunting with her and show his valour.
  • But soon there came the spirit and the pride that were to make them the best drilled troops, the dandies and macaronies of the army.
  • Well-bred people do not often dress in what is called the "height of the fashion," as that is generally left to dandies and pretenders.
  • Also, dandies from the city, corseted and buckramed, who had come to see the humors of Brighton Fair.
  • All classes wore breeches which had not the advantage of being kept up as in modern times by suspenders; the dandies of that day wore embroidered silk vests with long pocket flaps and ruffles over their hands.

Definition of Dandies

plural of dandy
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