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  • Too late Danny looked up.
  • But Danny never let himself think about this.
  • But with all his smartness, Danny forgot.
  • Study their faces, Danny boy.
  • Poor Danny Meadow Mouse!
  • Suddenly he thought of Danny Meadow Mouse.
  • The fact is, Danny Meadow Mouse was worried.
  • Oh, yes, Danny Meadow Mouse was happy!
  • Yes, Sir, Danny Meadow Mouse liked the snow.
  • Old Granny Fox kept thinking about Danny Meadow Mouse.
  • For a minute Danny didn't know just what to say.
  • Down on the coach line near first little Danny Griswold had convulsions.
  • And what do you think was the matter with Danny Meadow Mouse?
  • That wasn't the voice of Danny Meadow Mouse.
  • It was supper-time, though old Danny and old Jemmy were still at the looms.
  • And of course Danny Meadow Mouse wasn't there.
  • He could smell Danny Meadow Mouse and that made him almost frantic.
  • There was Danny Meadow Mouse at another little doorway, laughing at him!
  • But he frightened Danny still more and made old Granny Fox lose her temper.
  • Those who accompanied him were Danny Jarvis and "fighting" Mike.
  • His sharp ears could hear Danny Meadow Mouse running almost underneath him.
  • And now here he was, he, Danny Meadow Mouse, actually doing that very thing!
  • Just Granny alone would have made the game dangerous for Danny Meadow Mouse.
  • When Reddy told how fat Danny Meadow Mouse was, her mouth watered.
  • Yes, Sir, that is all that ailed Danny Meadow Mouse that bright morning.
  • Our Danny is mighty cute and maybe he's only fooling them teachers.

How To Use Danny In A Sentence?

  • The right fielder secured the ball and tried to stop Danny at the plate by a long throw.
  • Barnes tried to look comfortable, but he refused to glance in the direction of Danny Grin.
  • And Danny Meadow Mouse was just as foolish in worrying because his tail was short.
  • She heard Danny Meadow Mouse running along one of his little tunnels under the snow.
  • But all the time Danny Meadow Mouse kept studying and studying that little heap of snow.
  • In vain did the Countess use her prettiest smiles to hold Danny Grin by her side as she played.
  • He had been "it" all the time, for never once had he caught Danny Meadow Mouse.
  • Finally one day old Mr. Toad sat down in front of Danny and began to ask questions.
  • The next time he saw Danny Meadow Mouse stick his head out, Reddy pretended not to see him.
  • Old Granny Fox dived right into the snow and right through into the tunnel of Danny Meadow Mouse.
  • It was lucky for him that Danny had just turned into another tunnel, for otherwise she would surely have caught him.
  • But he didn't take the pains to make sure of just where Danny was, and so of course he didn't come anywhere near him.
  • Some of them pretend to be his friends, but Danny always keeps his eyes open when they are around and always begins to play hide-and-seek.
  • Every Yale man was on his feet cheering again, and Danny certainly covered ground in a remarkable manner.
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