Daring In A Sentence

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  • How daring an ambition!
  • It was a most daring movement.
  • A daring idea had come into his mind.
  • This was not an invitation; this was daring him to follow.
  • He embarked upon daring adventures and brought them off.
  • I continued, not daring to tell her who I was.
  • Even the great and daring Gregory VII.
  • Then a daring thought came to her which made her black eyes sparkle.
  • Once more the old look of reckless daring was shining in his luminous eyes.
  • They made way for him without actually daring to face his glance.
  • He hurried; but once in the hall he paused in the grip of a daring idea.
  • At night a picked crew of daring fellows set off for her in a whale boat.
  • It is a story of adventure, of hair-breadth escapes, and of daring deeds.

How To Use Daring In A Sentence?

  • For skill and daring and precision in the handling of an engine he was never excelled.
  • And daring plans are not to be picked up in the street, but are the result of inspiration.
  • Bert, who had listened breathlessly to the daring plot, was doing some rapid thinking.
  • She tossed her brave chin and laughed at him, only encouraged to greater daring by his attitude.
  • It calls for dashing initiative, aggressiveness and courage and daring to the point of rashness.
  • It was plain, though, that his daring to hold out only gave them the more confidence in him.
  • Not daring to confess, she put another in its place that exactly resembled it in appearance.
  • They were dashing, daring fellows; the last apologies that we had for the knight errants of yore.
  • When he had finished, he remained close to the door, listening, scarcely daring to breathe.
  • In 1770, it is true, one solitary suitor was emboldened by love and daring to face the ordeal.
  • A fierce determination had buoyed him up and the most daring kind of rough riding had carried him through.
  • So daring and powerful are shepherd-dogs of this description that they have been known to tear riders down from the saddle.
  • The class you sneer at had yet ambitions high and daring as your own; and talents to attain them, too!
  • Her daring hands nonchalantly replaced a brutally clever cartoon with a soft-toned sketch of a little child.
  • Hundreds of men could not be picketed along a ten-mile stretch of highway without those who were the authors of so daring a scheme being aware.
  • Then, if he is of the stuff that heroes are made of, perhaps he may distinguish himself by his daring accomplishments in the air.
  • Now and again the fun requires a kiss or two to keep it going, and loud screams proclaim the daring deed to all the world.
  • I felt enterprising, and indeed it is easy to be daring with people one has never seen before and may never see again.
  • He had stolen it quickly, and she had forgiven him quickly, and then they had ridden on together without daring so much as a glance.
  • They were pensive eyes, almost regretful, and somehow his whole face had changed from its look of daring to match them.
  • Our extract is in the form of the confession of a reckless, daring spirit, who being imprisoned for murder, commits suicide.
  • A rapid and daring advance would have given them possession of Washington, their enemy's capital.
  • It was the name of a noted bushranger, whose last crime had been a daring robbery of the chief bank of Adelaide.
  • Some of the daring one tried to actually annoy the guards who, like zombies, went on their way without showing the slightest hint of aggravation.
  • They talked of the daring of the American woman: who but a Frenchwoman would have dared what she had this night?
  • I believe that men of the most daring character (and I make no claim to it) often do shrink from the logical processes of thought.
  • A story of Arizona; of swift-riding men and daring outlaws; of a bitter feud between cattlemen and sheep-herders.

Definition of Daring

Adventurous, willing to take on or look for risks; overbold. | Courageous or showing bravery; doughty. | Racy; sexually provocative.
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