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  • Suddenly she looked softly yet daringly up.
  • How daringly she looks upon the matter!
  • No wonder that the young Ruskin learned to think daringly under such a master!
  • On this Mr. Rascal was announced, and daringly joined the circle.

How To Use Daringly In A Sentence?

  • Champers was shrewd to remember also, and he played his game daringly as well as cautiously.
  • This possibility was first daringly acted upon by Worth with most charming results.
  • This idle weakness really appears to be at the bottom of half the daring nonsense in this most daringly nonsensical book.
  • They had daringly breasted the stream, and had grasped the towing line and the stern and had silently propelled the boat up the current.
  • He delivered an extemporaneous and daringly false lecture on the comparative force of evidence, intended only to befog the minds of the jurors.
  • We cannot get accustomed to the pattern of Nature, which repeats itself as daringly as the pattern in a wall-paper.
  • This I have for over forty years used sparingly as regards my personal needs, daringly with regard to speculative investments.
  • After the false and precipitate step which had brought down the curse upon me, I had daringly thrust myself upon the fate of another being.
  • The daringly sceptical logician has gone, and so has the imaginative dreamer for whom the world was the automatic magnifying mirror of his own childish form and environment.
  • As soon as one of them has daringly passed the entrance gates of Bellevue, Timon trots forth like a reception committee to meet him.
  • She sang for them daringly whatever came into her head, negro catches, rollicking Irish lilts, wicked little songs of the streets and alleys.
  • With the liveliest satisfaction expressed all over his mobile features, he pirouetted round the room with the greatest animation, and daringly accomplished the giddiest somersaults that were ever turned.
  • His penetrating optimism could foresee the daringly incredible, so that it almost seemed in the case of Maisie that his optimism had created out of the incredible a fact.

Definition of Daringly

In a daring manner
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