Dark Green In A Sentence

How To Use Dark Green In A Sentence?

  • At that moment the dark green caps with red braid began to trickle into the shop.
  • A glad exclamation broke from the man when he saw that the gall of the fowl was dark green.
  • Branching terminal panicles of minute flowers are held high above the dark green simple leaves.
  • We get it now; the air is laden with it from the dark-green beds across the road.
  • The dark green foliage of the black mulberry gives ample shade throughout the season.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dark Green | Dark Green Sentence

  • Then there is the solemn and dark green of the pines.
  • Hills and slopes were dark green with foliage.
  • Harry looked longingly at the dark green woods.
  • The dark green of the body was rapidly changing.
  • Dark green, white and cardinal.
  • Measure into a dark green or amber bottle 100 c.c.
  • Front panel of dark green forming part of head drapery.
  • Tellurium, Dark green.
  • The old leaves are dark green, and the new ones light.
  • Copper, Dark green.
  • The forest was dark, green and brown, silent as a grave.
  • Hal and Mab saw some dark green leaves in long rows.
  • The color of Rouen eggs varies from white to a dark green.
  • Angela, in dark green, was no less lovely as Nerissa.
  • Dark green.
  • Dark green indicate acid secretions and a more serious trouble.
  • The grass that covered it was coarse and of a dark green color.
  • To-night her veil was of a golden yellow shading into dark green.
  • From dark green to white the foliage waved in a pleasant breeze.
  • Dark green above, the blades are lined with pale pubescence.
  • Her dress was but a slender green stalk with dark green leaves.
  • Behind rose two glorious mountains crowned with the dark green of the cedar.
  • Each dark-green leaf in the long shrubberies bears its own sparkling burden.
  • Also, she had on a crumpled silk waist and a dark green skirt.
  • It was dark-green and white in patches laid quite rawly on the canvas.
  • The very folds of dark-green cloth seemed to bring a grace into her movements.
  • I would now be with my brave companions out in that dark, green jungle.
  • The nest was saddled on a twig and glued to a glossy dark green oak leaf.
  • Betty wore a short dark green riding-habit and a broad felt hat.
  • Vixen was in attendance upon her mother, dressed in dark green cloth.
  • Behind all these buildings rose a great hill, dark green with trees.
  • There were the dark green olive trees, and the lovely tendrils of the vines.
  • On the left is a dark green curtain, and in the background a door is indicated.
  • The depths were an indistinct mass of dripping foliage, dark green and russet.
  • His skin was a dark green and his hair was a bright blue....
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