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  • Then all was darkness again more complete than ever.
  • From the darkness he heard a voice.
  • The darkness below was a trifle appalling.
  • Pitch-black darkness surrounded him.
  • A deed of darkness not easily to be expiated.
  • A candle is lighted making darkness visible.
  • I lay awake of nights whispering in the darkness for her.
  • To-day, may be one of darkness and storm.
  • Grief swam out in the darkness with Mautau.
  • But the darkness had no terrors for Gray.
  • In the darkness about half-past nine Lieut.
  • See what ogre shapes these things assume as the darkness deepens.
  • The darkness left only the white outline of their faces visible to each other.
  • The horror as of a great darkness seemed to have fallen upon the land.
  • The one resembles light and truth, the other darkness and ignorance.

How To Use Darkness In A Sentence?

  • The crowd was moving away, and nearly lost in the darkness Hubert came towards his friends.
  • Now and then he spoke Bluffy's and Hennson's names, lest in the darkness he should pass them.
  • This sudden darkness had been caused by a magic wood which had sprung up all around the palace and its grounds.
  • As for the darkness in there, it was almost substantial as of the central chamber in the great pyramid.
  • Then he jerked himself loose and sprang up, staring about in the darkness for some enemy that he could kill.
  • He peered through a crack and saw something that looked like a mastodon in the darkness tugging at a sack he had used for chinking.
  • The lurid coppery glow had vanished, and the sky thickened and lowered until the darkness was as that of a late twilight.
  • Soon the darkness would blot out even the forms of surrounding objects, and our movements were made more cautiously.
  • Then, too, in the darkness they had made two successful swims for water before the tiger sharks had nosed them out.
  • The shadows divided, and what seemed to him the edge of darkness moved forward into the dimly lighted space at his side.
  • Let this be blown away, and the darkness which seems to overhang the moral government of the world will disappear like the mists of the morning.
  • The greyness of twilight came stealing over the water, and grew into darkness in the beautiful valley where that lake lay sleeping.
  • Nay, what was worse, the very darkness seemed to give it additional power, and to multiply its terrors.
  • They live in the future, enduring the darkness and privation of the present, in their faith in the brightness of the years to come.
  • I saw my white banner fluttering, as it were, victoriously; and yet there was a darkness upon my spirit.
  • If a lapwing gets up and screams in the darkness the cleverer of them know how to interpret the sound, as also a hare rushing wildly past.
  • Even so the human soul, although it be subjected to the powers of darkness for a season, may emerge into the light and blessedness of eternity.
  • In the mute desperation of her look she appeared to be searching the garden, the world, and the immense darkness of the sky, for an answer.
  • But the air was chill, and many who were clothed in scanty fashion passed the hours of darkness in helpless agony on the cold, bare ground.
  • She stood, her back turned from him, leaning on the gate, her thoughts lost in the long darkness of autumnal fields and woods.
  • I say there is no darkness but Ignorance, in which thou art more puzzled than the Egyptians in their fog....
  • There are other mysteries quite as incomprehensible, the results of which we can see, without being able to penetrate the darkness in which they dwell.
  • Both men stared with wide-strained eyes at the blank wall of darkness through which they were flying, their ears tense for the sound of surf on the invisible shore.
  • But there was a farther future; there was in the far distance the blackness of darkness for ever, yet rendered visible by the glare of a coming hell.
  • The owner was the only person who was not in the street, for he came out from the darkness at the back where the inflated forms of wine skins hung on nails could be vaguely distinguished.

Definition of Darkness

(uncountable) The state of being dark; lack of light. | (uncountable) Gloom. | (countable) The product of being dark.
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