Darted In A Sentence

How To Use Darted In A Sentence?

  • Erskine darted forward and disappeared.
  • Penny darted to the corner of the house.
  • A thegn darted to them at this moment.
  • Newsboys and bootblacks darted in all directions.
  • The bird darted away.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Darted | Darted Sentence

  • She darted after him.
  • We darted out of the gateway.
  • And he darted through the wall.
  • With that she darted from the room.
  • Henry darted up the road.
  • He darted for the trap.
  • Tootsie darted under and then darted out again.
  • Jacky had darted into the hut.
  • Kagax darted for his den.
  • I darted up the steps.
  • Malone darted forward.
  • He darted to recapture it.
  • Frank darted off down the slope.
  • Turning he darted for the ranch.
  • He darted out into the snow.
  • And again and again he darted in and pricked.
  • They all six darted down it.
  • He darted for it and picked it up.
  • They darted down the passageway.
  • Then he darted off after the bear.
  • Then she darted out of the room.
  • Danny darted into the confusion.
  • Sang darted for the corral fence.
  • He darted from the room and disappeared.
  • Lavinia darted him a swift glance.
  • The waiter darted into the room.
  • A current of uneasiness darted between them.
  • Both darted glances at the door.
  • The carriage darted by and disappeared.
  • He darted back to the cabin.
  • He darted across the grass.
  • Victoria darted down and kissed my cheek.
  • Wyn darted a glance over her shoulder.
  • He darted round the counter.
  • The girl darted in front of him.

Definition of Darted

simple past tense and past participle of dart
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