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  • It was built of upright poles daubed with clay.
  • She daubed on a bit of rouge and patted it over with a powder puff.
  • Not being able to make them grand, they daubed them with finery.
  • Sometimes it is divided into plaits, and daubed with a reddish clay.
  • The face of the participant was painted, or daubed black with paint or powder.
  • TO be done in the same manner as the rump, but not to be daubed with bacon.
  • His enemies, also in Australian fashion, daubed themselves over with pipeclay.

How To Use Daubed In A Sentence?

  • Red paint has been daubed on the specimen which suggests that it may have been found in a grave.
  • He answered that he did, and she remarked that it was a crude picture daubed with green.
  • The earliest chimneys were daubed in clay, and in the masonry oak timbers were often used.
  • These cabins were built of rough logs, and daubed with the red clay or mud of the region.
  • The players, big and little, are so daubed with mud from head to foot as to be unrecognizable.
  • The players, big and little, are so daubed with mud from head to foot as to be unrecognizable.
  • They are chiefly built of wood; are daubed on the outside with clay, and white-washed within.
  • If daubed over with mud, clay, or cattle-dung, the hut becomes more secure against the weather.
  • But O! they have restored this picture, and daubed the faded red with savage vermilion.
  • Mr. Bodmer made a sketch of the boy of an Omaha, whom the father first daubed with red paint.
  • Witsen found that the "god" was daubed with red earth, like the Dionysi in Greece.
  • When it finally began to melt they daubed it upon the ends of flattened sticks and hurried to the canoe.
  • Evading him and watching her chance, she continually daubed his nose and cheeks with the yellow smear.
  • Her brasswork no longer glittered in the sunlight: it had been daubed over with the same hue of neutral paint.
  • The dwelling and the stables were a collection of low brown houses, made of logs and daubed with mud.
  • In some cases the heart was thrust into the mouth of the idol with a golden spoon, in others the lips were simply daubed with blood.
  • These stand upright, under great parasols decorated with big black letters and daubed over with clouds of varied and startling colors.
  • With his knife he then cuts a hole in the snow exactly the size of the set trap, the plate of which has already been daubed with mixed bait.
  • The elder woman grew pale beneath the coarse powder that daubed her cheeks, and her dry lips twitched with a spasm of pain.
  • For the moment, all this space was masked by an iron curtain, roughly daubed with gaudy landscapes and ill-drawn views.
  • He deliberately daubed the painting; and the artist, stepping instinctively forward to prevent this, saved his life.
  • His figure will stand out in history, daubed as even it is with the mud that French politicians are ceaselessly flinging at each other.
  • They was made of good old Missouri logs daubed with mud and the chimney was made of sticks daubed with mud.
  • Their houses were like those of the fellahs of to-day, low huts of wattle daubed with puddled clay, or of bricks dried in the sun.
  • A figure with an enormous wig, his half-naked body daubed all over with yellow paint, was seated before it, abstracted in the deepest meditation.
  • Each face, held high on a craning neck, was daubed with vermilion, the high crest of hair bristling across the shaven crowns.
  • One of them, a Shawnee, had his eyes, or rather his eyelids and the surrounding parts, daubed with vermilion.
  • I knew what it was, for I have my own watch-dial daubed with luminous paint; it makes a lantern of sorts when you can get no better.
  • But before this they had daubed my face and both my hands with a sort of ointment very pleasant to the smell, which in a few minutes removed all the smart of their arrows.
  • Wo be to those rulers that set such idols and white daubed walls over the flock of Christ, whom he hath purchased with His precious blood!
  • The "great house," as the dwelling of the master was called, was two stories high, built of huge logs, chinked and daubed and whitewashed.
  • The young woman did not withhold her meed of praise, especially after she had seen his blistered hands, which were also well daubed with pitch from the pines.
  • His face was daubed with savage paint blotches, and over his shoulders was drawn a wolfskin, the gleaming teeth and cruel snout surmounting his head.

Definition of Daubed

simple past tense and past participle of daub

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