Daubing in a sentence

Definition of Daubing

present participle of daub | Something daubed, such as graffiti. | A rough coat of mortar put upon a wall to give it the appearance of stone; roughcast.

How to use Daubing in a Sentence?

  • Lucetta went over to the canoe, chipped a bit of the daubing from one of the seams, and tasted it appraisingly.
  • A cat was sitting high in a crevice in the logs where the daubing had fallen out; the moon glittered in its great yellow eyes.
  • Tar is also of very great use in hot dry countries for daubing over the wheels, and the woodwork generally, of wagons.
  • And does he then recover them with the bright blue or scarlet that is so dear to him, daubing them here and there with his indispensable Dutch metal?
  • Finally the work was done by mixing cocoa, which could not be used for its legitimate purpose owing to lack of fresh water, with sea water and daubing the tents with the product.

Short Example Sentence for Daubing

  • She succumbed to tears, daubing her eyes shamefacedly.