Daubs In A Sentence

Definition of Daubs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of daub | plural of daub

How To Use Daubs In A Sentence?

  • He had waxen-white cheeks with daubs of pink as if they had been put there from a rouge pot.
  • This cannot be an isolated instance; and there is reason to believe that the reptilian class daubs its garments with similar products.
  • At one time he wanted to be an artist, but his evenly balanced self-criticism had forced him to fling his daubs into the ash-heap.
  • They were good daubs in a way, but were laid on without fire; such work as any respectable schoolmarm might have equaled if not surpassed.
  • The mere policemen in her home town were to these magnificent beings as daubs to Titians, as pigmies to Titans.
  • The untrained eye will translate into daubs of colour and meaningless forms what the skilled understanding will perceive as a masterly setting forth of beauty.
  • It had been lifted from my own state-room by some prowling negro, and was now receiving fresh daubs of red blood amid the clamour of frantic worshippers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Daubs | Daubs Sentence

  • War paint in daubs versus spats and an eyeglass.
  • I blushed for you ... and then the daubs you hid.
  • I'll give you one of my daubs after all.
  • He daubs it on a cow so dead easy any fool thinks he can do the same.
  • But I'm doing something with these little daubs of mine.

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