Davy In A Sentence

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  • Davy had some work to do.
  • Davy had just emerged below.
  • Davy walked up to the book-case.
  • Davy consulted a friend on the matter.
  • Davy, is it the truth?
  • Davy was stricken at first with silent embarrassment.
  • Davy here returned, and we began to sing.
  • Step out there with Davy!
  • Davy, however, had it out in a trice.
  • Davy must never let him come to close quarters.
  • Davy pushed the boat towards a narrow slit in the rocks.
  • Davy helped me make a figure-4 trap to catch them.
  • Davy did not carry his suggestions into effect, however.
  • What are you bothering about Davy for?
  • Again did Davy strain.
  • But Davy did not notice it.
  • And who was old Davy?
  • I had heard of those from Davy.
  • Where have you been, Davy?
  • Davy and Raynor never knew me.
  • What is the use of Davy-lamps?
  • But Davy fell upon the cordwood.
  • Pardon my digression while Davy is waiting at the door.
  • But to all these taunts Davy made no response.
  • But Davy reserved his tale until we were at home.
  • The group was silent as Davy ceased.
  • Here are thy words, Davy.
  • Davy Freeman has been giving us a new theory.
  • It was Davy Crockett.
  • Then he went to the lamp-room and fetched four Davy-lamps.
  • And who was Davy Jones?
  • I flew into the parlor; my mother and Davy were alone.
  • But what about Raynor and Davy?
  • Oh, Davy was too deep for me, and delicate as deep!
  • If a wolf had been killed, Davy could give the whole story.

How To Use Davy In A Sentence?

  • Amos and Davy were in the Revolution, too.
  • The entry may have been for the benefit of Davy Jones.
  • Sir Humphry Davy, 1829.
  • Davy, Humphry, on life in other worlds, 147.
  • Wary, Davy, wary! keep in a bit.

Definition of Davy

A Davy lamp, a type of safety lamp.
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