Dawdle In A Sentence

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  • They must not dawdle another instant.
  • She must dawdle about at this or that 'till the doctor returned.
  • And dawdle as he would, by nine o'clock he had almost finished.

How To Use Dawdle In A Sentence?

  • They dawdle there in small knots, and storm a second hill, topped by a white steeple-crowned church.
  • I want you to get me into the Castle grounds to-day and show me where the duchesses dawdle and the countesses cavort.
  • It was the slack season in the rooming business, and so the two had some spare time on their hands in the long summer days and could dawdle about, an unusual luxury.

Definition of Dawdle

(intransitive) To spend time idly and unfruitfully, to waste time. | (transitive) To spend (time) without haste or purpose. | (intransitive) To move or walk lackadaisically.
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