Dawdling In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dawdling | Dawdling Sentence

  • No shirking nor dawdling with her.
  • The horses are dawdling home to the farm.
  • Not another minute of dawdling till you write that thesis!
  • He suggested dawdling awhile; but she would not.
  • Kate was dawdling on the lawn as the two returned to the house.
  • Mrs Fred sat dawdling opposite her husband over some wretched fancy-work.
  • This is the method of Vacuity or Dawdling formerly mentioned.
  • Mr. Lorry had been dawdling away the months in Mexico and California.

How To Use Dawdling In A Sentence?

  • If it had not been for Dodds, he might have been with them now, instead of dawdling away the whole of the morning doing nothing.
  • These favourites, men like the fat La Tremouille, found their profit in dawdling and delaying, as politicians generally do.

Definition of Dawdling

present participle of dawdle | The act of one who dawdles.
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