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  • Anse Dawes exclaimed.
  • Mr. Dawes seemed offended.
  • Zareff and Anse Dawes got out.
  • Dawes, who went out through Roxbury, soon joined him.
  • And Lester Dawes has found us a contragravity ship.
  • Of course, Lester Dawes is treasurer.
  • Adventure of Lieutenants Dawes and Freeman.
  • Lester Dawes and Lorenzo Menardes are here.
  • At one point a certain Mrs. Dawes was put in the box.
  • The other two people were Mr. and Mrs. Dawes.
  • Dawes, J.W. Wounded.
  • Well, Mr. Fletcher Dawes requiahs youah services.
  • But Paul Revere and William Dawes were before them.
  • Lieutenant L. Dawes, Middlesex Regiment.
  • Dawes, 118, 279; Battery, 118; Point, 283.
  • Conn stayed, too, and so did Jerry Rivas and Anse Dawes.
  • Fletcher Dawes.
  • Mr. DAWES (when his name was called).
  • Anse Dawes simply didn't believe that.
  • Dawes, Anna, 361.
  • Mrs. Dawes continued to whine above the general drone of the bar.
  • Mrs. Dawes stabbed the man who had pushed her through the wrist with a hatpin.
  • Fletcher Dawes," says the gent in the overcoat.
  • Chester L. Dawes (A); 2Sep69; R467817.
  • Maybe it's because Dawes is such a free spender that he's better advertised.
  • Fellow by the name of Dawes come in there from Kansas, and he taught music.
  • While we was arguin', in drifts Mr. Dawes himself.
  • The affair might have been subsided at that point, but for Mrs. Dawes.
  • I prepared a brief and gave it to Mr. Dawes, who used it in the debate.
  • She'd been rollin' her eyes from me to Dawes, and from Dawes back to me.
  • Captain G. W. P. Dawes, Royal Berkshire Regiment.
  • Morgan Gatworth to meet his son, and Lester Dawes to meet his.
  • And Lester Dawes is in Storisende now, trying to find us a contragravity ship.
  • Raymond Fitch, Lester Dawes, Lorenzo Menardes and Morgan Gatworth.

How To Use Dawes In A Sentence?

  • Anse Dawes held up the cigarette he had lighted; that was all the air-analyzer he needed.
  • There was some debate, in which my colleague, Mr. Dawes, took part against the bill.
  • But say, Buddy; you tell Mr. Dawes that next time he wants me just to pull the string.
  • I am under much obligation to the general editor of this series, Prof. G. Dawes Hicks.
  • Mr. Dawes was playing against a scratch team of cads, and had to go down to the ground in the morning to settle something.
  • Dawes went away, and before we broke off to go to dinner at the railroad club, I was given a memorandum order for the special.

Definition of Dawes

plural of day
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