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  • It rained every day for a week.
  • The day will come when you will admit your mistake.
  • Aronach attended almost every day at the school.
  • One day some men came up and nearly fell over me.
  • Banfi will one day have to pay very dearly for that kiss!
  • I used to ride him every day until about two years ago.
  • The following day brought me into Chumbi.
  • We were all halted a day or two at Kangma.
  • The first day we climbed a few miles up to Lingmatam.
  • The next day was to bring us into Kangma.
  • As I said, we walked the same distance day by day.
  • One day he went to Hampstead Heath.
  • But they could not go out driving on the day of the funeral.
  • He had apparently started growing his beard the day he left his cantonment.
  • It is to be hoped that an adequate sketch of her life may some day appear.
  • Every good man acts upon this principle every day of his life.
  • The gala-day had become a day of mourning; the hunt a funeral.
  • One little day and then I'll be a real singing student.
  • At Chumbi it remained to await one's day of release.
  • A visit to the so-called "Kingdom of Goa" fills up our last day in Makassar.
  • That day has lasted me--a light--to this.
  • Send me your address, Elinor, and we'll have a real meeting some day soon.

How To Use Day In A Sentence?

  • She went to her room with a lighter heart and the day ended triumphantly with her.
  • The mules had had a long day and no grazing, and there was not a blade of anything to give them.
  • If it is not merely a diversion, and he really means business, the day is ours.
  • He slept in a public-house, and next day resumed his idle search for employment.
  • A day or two more, without some addition of these articles, would see us depleted.
  • Day by day the marvellous gardens of Buitenzorg take deeper hold of mind and imagination.
  • On that day I was sent ahead with the advance guard to see what supplies each village contained.
  • And, quite indifferent as to what might befall him, he walked next day to the Victoria Docks.
  • I saw it go downstairs, and I sat there all day and cried; I was very miserable, I know.
  • I mentioned, and in which the day must have been developed about as decidedly as beneath the ground.
  • Day by day her conversation turned more and more on tennis-parties, and she even spoke about a ball.
  • It really has become quite dreadful to see that poor face looking reproachfully at you all day long.
  • He promised to call again, and our interview is fixed for eleven o'clock the day after to-morrow.
  • All went well till one day she surpassed herself by transforming a certain stately matron into a veritable sylph.
  • The following day varies the character of the range, exposed to every vicissitude of temperature and climate.
  • For the little columns came pouring in day after day, bringing all sorts of folk who were pining for their letters.
  • One day he saw a picture by Velasquez, and he understood how horrid were the red things he used to send to the academy.
  • Motionless she lay on the sofa, looking at the grey November day with vague eyes that bespoke an obsession of hallucination.

Definition of Day

(rare, intransitive) To spend a day (in a place). | Any period of 24 hours. | A period from midnight to the following midnight.
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