Days And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Days And | Days And Sentence

  • Days and weeks dragged on.
  • Forget our days and nights?
  • Days and weeks went on.
  • Days and weeks passed.
  • Ten days and no news.
  • A few days and then came the answer.
  • Even to me his days and nights are fair!
  • Again he traveled for days and nights.
  • So the days and weeks went.
  • And so the days and nights glided by.
  • Holidays are holy days and not to be neglected.
  • She haunted his days and nights.
  • Four days and nights went by.
  • Nineteen days and seven hours.
  • But they were very dull days and evenings.
  • Three days and three nights!
  • For days and days we sailed.
  • It is of ancient days and archaic.
  • Days and weeks flew swiftly by.
  • Then they sailed on for days and days.
  • Days and days without refraining from.
  • No rain had fallen for days and days.
  • There were days and days and days before us.
  • But we held it many days and nights.
  • Twas for days and weeks and months anyway.
  • Must have been engaged some days and we never knew.
  • Those were golden days and balmy nights!
  • He had been dead some days and nobody any the wiser.
  • Days and months passed and the physician did not return.
  • It seemed that he had been swimming for days and weeks.
  • How many days and nights are covered?
  • Two wretched days and nights passed.
  • Martinez left after three days and nights.
  • They were blown south for days and days.
  • Bitter days and barren hours followed.

How To Use Days And In A Sentence?

  • Six days and nights passed in this manner.
  • But days and days and days with one?
  • They sailed for days and saw no land.
  • Warm mild days and luminous nights.
  • This they did for three days and three nights.
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