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  • Thy days are numbered.
  • I did not myself know how much until a few days ago.
  • Our appearance in those days was not spick and span.
  • I remember the story-telling days vividly.
  • He wanted quiet, he wanted long days alone with himself.
  • It was a terrible two days that I had here.
  • In my schoolboy days I had no aversion to slavery.
  • Sixteen days later the column left Lhassa.
  • The next two days Hubert devoted entirely to his play.
  • A few days after, the post brought a letter for Julia.
  • Those were the cholera days of '49.
  • In her pantalette days and my barefoot days she was a schoolmate of mine.
  • A couple of days ago a gentleman called upon me with a message.
  • Of this we used seventy maunds daily, and so had only a few days in reserve.
  • This reptile published a review of the book within three days afterward.
  • In those days men and boys wore rather long cloaks in the winter-time.
  • I had just come across those "long nines" a few days or a week before.
  • In the days which Susy is talking about, a perplexity fell to my lot one day.
  • Two days had made considerable difference in the situation at Seaside Park.
  • Mamma went with us to New York and stayed two days to do some shopping.
  • At last I see my mistakes; in two days I shall have written the act.

How To Use Days In A Sentence?

  • As we foraged on the days following these fights our way was strewn with corpses.
  • And in those days she made as much use of our grounds as of her own, in pleasant weather.
  • But in those days musketry fire did little harm; it was far more noisy than dangerous.
  • I remember those days of twenty-one years ago, and a certain pathos clings about them.
  • But a few days after, as he lay in bed, a new idea came to him for his third act.
  • On other days we breakfasted very soon after it was light, on milk porridge, or bread and coffee.
  • By and by, as the days and weeks go on, first he misses this, then that, then the other thing.
  • At the end of three days Randy and Pep prided themselves on having accomplished wonders.
  • A few days after, the post brought letters from Mr. Grandly, one for Emily and one for Julia.
  • These ten days initiated me into the life of those portions of the force who had been left to man posts on the line of communications.
  • You may hold out for a couple of days perhaps; but then you and your bravest heroes must perish with hunger just like me.
  • With long days in the open air and also with considerable fatigue to undergo, you craved for the sustenance of sweet things.
  • In those earlier days he was a picture to look at, for beauty of feature, perfection of form and grace of carriage and movement.
  • In fact, from here onwards for many days to come, there seemed very little chance of obtaining any grazing for our animals.
  • And a few days after she sent Annie with a note, reminding him of his promise to read her what he had written.
  • As many as four days went by without an applicant; then I could endure this kind of misery no longer.
  • I had no hope; and the four or five days I have mentioned as passing without his apparition seemed to annihilate my future.
  • After several days travelling and preparation, Abraham has reached the appointed place, and is ready for the sacrifice.
  • For about seven days you hardly rise at all, merely following the course upstream of the Teesta river, and later on of one of its tributaries.

Definition of Days

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of day | plural of day | A particular time or period of vague extent.
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