Dayton In A Sentence

How To Use Dayton In A Sentence?

  • On the preliminary examination before the commissioner in Dayton they fought bravely.
  • When my filleule first drove into Dayton she had some singularly audacious ideas of her own.
  • His sister told him that the glad news had already been telegraphed to his aged father in Dayton.
  • I was beginning to think my invitation to Dayton inexplicable, when that letter arrived.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dayton | Dayton Sentence

  • Dayton was too moved to speak.
  • Dayton has adopted government by commission.
  • Dayton frankly detested these topics.
  • Dayton has adopted the commission system of government.
  • Dayton ef dey could cotch him.
  • Dayton, migrations to, 126.
  • They went back to Dayton in 1902.
  • Evelina declares we are not eight miles from Dayton.
  • Uncle Dayton made the survey of the land and a map of it.
  • Hooray for Miss Dayton!
  • She had done her very best for Miss Dayton.
  • A solo by Miss Dayton will close the entertainment.
  • And I feel there will never be a home to me like Dayton.
  • By Laura Dayton Fessenden.
  • Seward to Dayton, Oct. 23, 1863.
  • Dayton, Oregon, May 28, 1906.
  • While Charles is in Wales, you must have her at Dayton.
  • Religious Telescope, Dayton, Ohio.
  • I do declare, I believe Miss Dayton can do anything.
  • New York, H. Dayton, 1859.
  • Dunbar was born in Dayton, Ohio, June 27, 1872.
  • Paul was born in Dayton, Ohio, June 27, 1872.
  • The Wright Co., Dayton, Ohio.
  • The Rendezvous of Fighting Men at Fort Dayton.
  • Here comes Matthias; he knows Mr. Dayton, I believe.
  • Dayton, Ohio, Press of United Brethren Pub.
  • Their long noses with the bulb at the base were Dayton noses.
  • But the country around Dayton was not favorable for flying their craft.
  • At the Dayton meet, weren't you?
  • Dunbar bought a home in Dayton, where he lived with his mother.
  • Dayton, W. L., minister to France, 214, 217, 219, 221.
  • They returned to Dayton, and spent the winter in experiment and research.
  • The other hero, not to be outdone, drenched the Dayton garrets.
  • After the war he went to the Army technical school at Dayton.
  • His last years were spent in Dayton, his old home, with his mother.
  • That lookin'-glass I broke in Dayton.
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