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How To Use Deadlier In A Sentence?

  • His frowning silence was a deadlier rebuke to the slayers and oppressors than secession.
  • A worse insult or a deadlier challenge could not have been known in the land of Beardom.
  • By and by, from mere priest he developed into the deadlier carnivore, the Inquisitor.
  • As if the clouds its echo would repeat; And nearer, clearer, deadlier than before!
  • His high fire drew a deadlier upon himself; a stream of lead from a Winchester whistled into the room past his ear and over his ducked head.
  • Probably the more subtle and fearful apprehensions of men originated really from the smaller and deadlier kinds, and were then by superstition, poetry and heraldry extended to the larger.
  • Still-hunting is the more sportsmanlike way; but the deadlier fashion is this hunting with two or three hounds: the slower they run, the more chance for the guns.
  • Would he be able to rise to the occasion and wither his opponent by a scorching blast of even deadlier profanity, or would he humiliate them by using the commonplace swear-words of everyday life?
  • The low, red sun dazzled my eyes, and I waited, with each throw from the Huron, for one that should be aimed with deadlier intent.
  • But, wrenched asunder, severed and apart, Life knew a deadlier death: the blighting smart Which only kills the heart.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Deadlier | Deadlier Sentence

  • The fascination of the trapline was deadlier than before.
  • David was in a deadlier struggle than he knew.
  • No deadlier instrument was ever invented by the cruelty of man.
  • Line 309 H' had got a hurt O' th' inside of a deadlier sort.

Definition of Deadlier

comparative form of deadly: more deadly
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