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  • The deal was concluded.
  • That last deal was straight.
  • The clumsiness of that deal was too palpable.
  • She was not conscious of what that great deal was.
  • What species of deal was toward?
  • Scattergood knew his deal was as good as closed.
  • No doubt a good deal was destroyed.
  • That was asking a great deal, was not it?
  • Whether the deal was official or unofficial, no one cared.
  • A great deal was taught and learned at Brook Farm.
  • No hospital with which he had to deal was unmarked by his personality.
  • The most serious situation with which the emperor had to deal was in the west.
  • Yet a good deal was learnt by the Flying Corps from these manoeuvres.
  • So he'd want to keep in touch with his friends till the deal was put through.
  • It was the day after the events just recorded that Keith's deal was concluded.

How To Use Deal Was In A Sentence?

  • Naturally a great deal was told me concerning this festival from which they had just returned.
  • Under their administration a good deal was done for the improvement of the place.
  • The solicitor who finally entered into the deal was one who had done the same thing before.
  • Then the meal began, a costly meal at which not much was eaten but a great deal was drunk.
  • The deal was mine; you came in only to help us out, and I ought never to have tempted you.
  • There's Lewiston's note; once this deal was settled, we would have paid that, as you know.
  • A good deal was said about the position of the Trades Unions in a Socialist State.
  • And yore rubbing in that mortgage deal was another unnecessary piece o' damfoolishness.
  • He thought of the returning sun as he cut for deal, and he thrilled when he found the deal was his.
  • One of the results of this ingenious deal was a sharp rise in the prices of all the products and some of the by-products of naphtha.
  • A good deal was revealed to both of them in that instant, but the man dare not admit it, and was master of himself.
  • No deal was too small to receive Scattergood's best and most skillful attention.
  • And here is when that new deal was laid out on the table fer you' little friend Cupid!
  • And that day and the next day, and the third, were days very full of business, and in which a vast deal was accomplished.
  • A great deal was said to press upon her this view of the case, to which, however, she made many objections.
  • The upshot of this deal was that, when after months I despaired of getting any, they all sent me a rifle at the same time.
  • Emma Abbott, for whom I certainly did a great deal, was only grateful because she knew it was expected of her by the world at large.
  • Vane spent two or three weeks very pleasantly in Vancouver, for Evelyn, of whom he saw a good deal, was gracious to him.
  • I met every raise and stuck so persistently and confidently that the whole three of them began to regard me as the main guy so far as that deal was concerned and look a bit afraid of me.
  • What made the concluding stages of this contest the more exciting was that an evening breeze suddenly arising just as a deal was ended, made the cards rise in the air like a covey of partridges.
  • An Englishman who travels a good deal was generalizing at one of the clubs last night on the subject of the card sharpers who devote themselves exclusively to the ocean steamers.
  • After breakfast we prepared a chest for our bread, and it got secured: but unfortunately a great deal was damaged and rotten; this nevertheless we were glad to keep for use.
  • This much Mike succeeded in making the captain comprehend, though a great deal was lost through the singular confusion that prevailed in the mind of the messenger.
  • Thus having nothing to risk in the deal, and moreover the idea of owning a farm of my very own kindling my ambition and appealing to my imagination, I readily agreed and the deal was made.
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