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  • Sold by all news dealers throughout the country.
  • My father and my grandfather were dealers in cattle.
  • The English dealers seldom came north except to Aikey Fair.
  • Local dealers had loaded up with every eatable item in their establishments.
  • The feathers are shipped to regular feather dealers or manufacturers.
  • The more pretentious dealers kept brass bands to attract the crowd.
  • The wholesale dealers in liquor are estimated at sixty-five per cent.
  • M'Donald, were all extensive dealers in cattle in those days.

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  • All told there were some fifteen men in the room, not counting the dealers and lookout.
  • Ultimately many of the old Manchester cotton dealers became brokers for their old customers.
  • The proprietor, Howard Frisch, is one of the most co-operative dealers in the business.
  • The coin dealers ask $3 each for the commonest dates of the quarter-eagle U.S.
  • A condition of specialist dealers working to the public service is that they should not act in the dark.
  • The old-iron dealers gave their alms punctually at the sacrament and to all the collections in church.
  • It is one of the articles used by native dealers to fatten horses for sale, and at this they are most expert.
  • At that time the dealers accomplished all their journeys on horseback, and prided themselves on the fleetness of their saddle-horses.
  • It has an excellent effect on the system, and is what is used by the native dealers to get their horses into condition for sale.
  • These rich food beds are not plentiful, and many dealers are compelled to put small oysters on the market.
  • Tires either stolen or hijacked, are sold by the crooks to so-called honest dealers who serve the public.
  • Nevertheless, it was an advantage obtained over the dealers and their protectors, who aimed at nothing less than an unrestricted traffic in brandy.
  • The realty dealers said that the crowd would never come back, while the leading merchants followed the crowd.
  • In England specialized markets with specialized dealers have greatly assisted producers both in their buying and selling.
  • Thus, there was a time when 'witch' was applied equally to male and female dealers in unlawful magical arts.
  • And thus the dealers come to be imaged, in my mind, as the monkeys who make ropes of the pictures, to swing by.
  • There were dealers in donkeys and horses roaring aloud, "He is for ten napoleons!
  • There, on every side, sharp-faced and shrill-voiced dealers haggle with timid customers over garments more or less decayed.
  • British gold paid out in cash to the dealers in provisions bought full supplies from one of the best markets in America.
  • I know some live-stock dealers who regularly make the trip from Bergamo to the mountains, and who will be able to tell me all about it.
  • It has a beautiful fine large nut, and you would get that from any Pacific coast dealers in nut trees.
  • In 1875 there were said to be upwards of 100 cotton dealers in Manchester, but from that time onward their members steadily declined.
  • It seemed that the usurers and dealers in precious metals in London had flocked to the Dart upon the news of the treasure.
  • The lower floors were, for the most part, occupied by small grocers, dealers in notions, barbers, confectioners and such like.
  • Often such dealers will have at hand such a supply of usable stuff that they will establish other factories where their unused materials can be converted into cash.
  • They bore orders to dealers in the nearest towns for all the things that were immediately necessary for the life and rebuilding of the little village.
  • Half a century ago nearly every neighborhood in New England was favored with one or more reputed dealers in magic.
  • Originally the dealers in valueless securities did not take the trouble to purchase any properties but merely sold their stock and decamped with the proceeds.
  • In the long run, the dealers halved the things, and Jonathan comed out with a clear three hundred and fifty-four pound.
  • He declared that they were being made to work for lower wages than they had been promised and that storekeepers and dealers were charging them high prices for worthless goods.
  • Colour, size and quality ensure a sale everywhere, but only a constant supply of good fruit will attract retail dealers or the London salesmen.
  • The preparation of the paper is beyond the skill and equipment of the average photographer, but it may be readily obtained from dealers in photographic supplies.

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plural of dealer
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