Dear In A Sentence

How To Use Dear In A Sentence?

  • Those were dear good people, but they must have carried simplicity and credulity to the limit.
  • This perilous privilege, so dear to their age and species, had never been granted them before.
  • The death of her father and her dear mother, so sudden, following so soon one after the other.
  • Many times has my rage almost betrayed my secret; which none knew but my dear child Azalia.
  • But I will tell you, my dear friend, what this is: it is an awful waste of life.
  • Do me this little service, my dear Prince, and I will for ever be your most devoted admirer.
  • But he paid dear for his Insolence, and was sentenced to lie in Prison twelve Years.
  • Nothing but the grimly painted portrait of her poor dear man, which had been hung against the wall.
  • The smoking wreckage represents only a ruined home that was dear through years of use and pleasant associations.
  • All of the people should love our dear home town and try to make it beautiful, healthful and comfortable.
  • The future inhabitant of my dear deserted manor would, in any circumstances, have been an interesting subject for my fancies.
  • The trouble with you, my dear Powhatan, is that you are still in the village stage of the social instinct.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dear | Dear Sentence

  • So like their dear mother!
  • And the dear old airs live on.
  • Could you abandon the dear maid at home?
  • Yes; in this dear old room.
  • Oh, that name, that dear investment!
  • My dear boy, you must come and be put to rights.
  • Food is terribly dear here, sir; everything is dear.
  • Shall I disown my son, my own dear child!
  • Thanks, thanks, dear Syrus!
  • Dear, dear Fatima, indeed!
  • Oh, my dear Emily, how can you ask such a question?
  • My dear Ida, I really do not know.
  • Oh, dear Mr. Cloete, you are a calm, reasonable man.
  • Tell me, dear Parmeno! PAR.
  • My dear boy, Pamphilus! PAM.
  • My childhood's dear white stone.
  • My aunt took on mightily for the death of her poor dear husband!
  • Let's in, dear Thais!
  • I was chief bride's-maid, you know, my dear girls.
  • You know she has lost her dear sister,' etc., etc.
  • It's bad enough to take so much from dear old Ted.
  • Hush, my dear child, for Heaven's sake!
  • Don't worry, my dear Miss Kendall.
  • Help, help, dear countrymen, for Heaven's sake!
  • My dear Jemima," said Fitz.
  • Do you think you could solve this little puzzle, my dear Bright-Wits?
  • In Philadelphia is the dear old Independence Hall with the Liberty Bell.
  • Answer to a letter received this morning: DEAR MRS.

Definition of Dear

Severe, or severely affected; sore. | (obsolete) Fierce. | (obsolete) To endear.
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