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  • There is a remarkable dearth of them here just now.
  • But in her dearth she wanted no sacerdotal bargaining.
  • Blessing of a dearth of, 50.
  • There was also for several months a dearth of detectives.
  • He came back with a staggering dearth of information.
  • Written in a dearth of tobacco, by Hezekiah Salem.
  • Bricks, Dearth of, at Singapore in 1844, 58.
  • How a Dearth of Domestics may prove a Blessing.
  • There was almost a dearth of animal life in the lonely valley.
  • Worse even than the dearth of buttonholes is the lack of eligible sleeves.
  • We've no dearth of festive occasions nowadays.
  • The dearth of conventionality and variety draw spirits easily together.
  • I was answered on both heads, that dearth of subjects made it impossible.

How To Use Dearth In A Sentence?

  • Possibly this is one explanation of the dearth of sources which we now deplore.
  • It is the dearth of studios and the great demand for them that makes the price so high.
  • The quantity of wood that passes into its stomach makes up for the dearth of nourishing elements.
  • The next danger was from the people, who were infuriated by the dearth of corn.
  • They put up a wonderful fight in this war, despite the dearth of roads and railways.
  • Hunger would waste the bodies of the people, as the dearth of truth had wasted their souls.
  • It is expected that if the dearth of money continues another week, buttons must be resorted to.
  • Surely now, in our terrible dearth of workers, it is not the time for anyone to desert his post.
  • The only trouble with Amieux as a household hero is a total dearth of subjects of conversation.
  • Now in all the region round about Sugar Grove school-house there was a great dearth of sensation.
  • For three or four years there had been a dearth of fish, so that he had not been able to catch even a sardine.
  • There was no dearth of trial places, as the supply of offices in need of stenographers seemed to be unlimited.
  • But a nautical is not the same as a naval training; and the dearth of good professional naval officers was felt to the end.
  • There was no dearth of scornful remarks at his expense, but the old soldier understood very well how to baffle such behavior.
  • This is a slight summer letter, but you will not be sorry it is so short, when the dearth of events is the cause.
  • One of the greatest troubles was the glut of senior officers who were too old and the alarming dearth of juniors fit for immediate work afloat.
  • I think this lack of adequate practice is one of the reasons why there is such a dearth of rising talent among lawn tennis players.
  • They plied their trade in secret, and the legislator was only apprised of the result by suddenly finding a slipping away and dearth of coinage.
  • Of course, it is a snake infested wilderness, but there is such a dearth of stagnant water that few breeding places are furnished for insects.
  • It so happened that there was a great dearth of news at this time, and Cleary made the most of this episode.
  • He meant to have a windmill as soon as he could afford it, for whatever else the country might lack there was no dearth of wind for motive power.
  • They were the raw-boned hacks of the soldiers, sorry beasts, for the increase of the military in the land had led to a dearth of horses.
  • The climate we cannot control, but I often wonder why there should be such a dearth of true grass courts at open meetings.
  • The balance of loss from disease was also heavily against the Confederates, who as usual suffered from dearth of medical stores.
  • Solemnity broods heavily over the enclosure; and wherever you seek it, you will find a dearth of merriment, an absence of real youthful enjoyment.
  • In view of the dearth of available material in English, it has seemed timely to approach the whole subject from a new standpoint.
  • At Fleetwood these quite compensate the dearth of inland beauty, and with every step northwards more glorious becomes the outlook.

Definition of Dearth

A period or condition when food is rare and hence expensive; famine. | (by extension) Scarcity; a lack or short supply. | (obsolete) Dearness; the quality of being rare or costly.
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